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  • Speaking of Chessies - Alaska Dog News April/May

    I found out about Kathy Olding’s dog in the Weight Pulling Yahoo group. She had posted the stunning photo of her Chessie, Journey and I knew he had to be on the cover. This dog is more than a Retriever, more than a tool for hunting. He is part a integral part of a team that makes living in remote Alaska possible for her and her neighbors.

    At long last, Dogs have angles in Aniak. If you’ve spent any time in a small village you know the plight of the dog and cat over population. www.canine-comfort.com is trying to help and getting assistance from across the country.

    Our own Wetland Retrievers submitted some tips for training – he’s quite the model in training apparel too. You win if you find the place I miss-spelled his last name (is the a before or after the e, either way it’s pronounced the same). I always find typos after it’s printed.

    The event calendar is updated through September with the events we know about and in a separate PDF so you don’t have to wait for all the photos to load.
    As always, if I’m missing a story or you know of one that would enhance Alaska Dog News, please let me know.

    Please enjoy the April/May issue at www.alaskadognews.com


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    Any free puppies out there?


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      Fred Meyer parking lot full of puppies

      All kinds of backyard pups at Freds in Wasilla. Some of those folks look familiar. If you want to be guarenteed of a dog you won't feel bad taking to the pound in 6 months when your tired of it, that's the place.
      I have lots of photos to send off to Fred Meyer Corp office.


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        So, are you saying, that for me to get a free chessie puppy, I should take into consideration of bringing it to the pound in 6 months because it don't have a $700 price tag on it?


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          Dogs aren't free.

          That comment was too quick, I apologize. After I sent that I thought ď well donít you feel b---yĒ I spend so much time putting information together for Alaska Dog News from experts and I assume people on this list are savvy dog people. After 30 years in this game I've learned a thing or three. If the commitments arenít there to pay for a pup people don't usually have the commitment to train. In 6 months the dog is out of control and we see them at the shelter because they did not have the time to train. The cost of a pup is only the beginning of 16 years of cost.
          On the flip side, if I saw a free retriever I wouldn't walk, I'd run. Itís a sure guarantee for medical and temperament problems. In the Journey story Kathy got a free dog but she already had a relationship with the breeder.



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