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Speaking of Chessies - Alaska Dog News April/May

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  • Speaking of Chessies - Alaska Dog News April/May

    I found out about Kathy Olding’s dog in the Weight Pulling Yahoo group. She had posted the stunning photo of her Chessie, Journey and I knew he had to be on the cover. This dog is more than a Retriever, more than a tool for hunting. He is part a integral part of a team that makes living in remote Alaska possible for her and her neighbors.

    At long last, Dogs have angles in Aniak. If you’ve spent any time in a small village you know the plight of the dog and cat over population. is trying to help and getting assistance from across the country.

    Our own Wetland Retrievers submitted some tips for training – he’s quite the model in training apparel too. You win if you find the place I miss-spelled his last name (is the a before or after the e, either way it’s pronounced the same). I always find typos after it’s printed.

    The event calendar is updated through September with the events we know about and in a separate PDF so you don’t have to wait for all the photos to load.
    As always, if I’m missing a story or you know of one that would enhance Alaska Dog News, please let me know.

    Please enjoy the April/May issue at


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    Any free puppies out there?


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      Fred Meyer parking lot full of puppies

      All kinds of backyard pups at Freds in Wasilla. Some of those folks look familiar. If you want to be guarenteed of a dog you won't feel bad taking to the pound in 6 months when your tired of it, that's the place.
      I have lots of photos to send off to Fred Meyer Corp office.


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        So, are you saying, that for me to get a free chessie puppy, I should take into consideration of bringing it to the pound in 6 months because it don't have a $700 price tag on it?


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          Dogs aren't free.

          That comment was too quick, I apologize. After I sent that I thought ď well donít you feel b---yĒ I spend so much time putting information together for Alaska Dog News from experts and I assume people on this list are savvy dog people. After 30 years in this game I've learned a thing or three. If the commitments arenít there to pay for a pup people don't usually have the commitment to train. In 6 months the dog is out of control and we see them at the shelter because they did not have the time to train. The cost of a pup is only the beginning of 16 years of cost.
          On the flip side, if I saw a free retriever I wouldn't walk, I'd run. Itís a sure guarantee for medical and temperament problems. In the Journey story Kathy got a free dog but she already had a relationship with the breeder.


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