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Chessie Training Day?

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  • Chessie Training Day?

    Is anyone interested in a Chesapeake Training Day in the Interior? I'm thinking of June 21st or 28th at the Chena Flood Control Project. Can't put together an ACC WD/X/Q, but was thinking of day devoted to field training & only for Chesapeakes. Bumpers and/or dead birds, blanks or poppers for ammo, bring a sack lunch (and sense of humor), and a fun day for puppies/newcomers to old duffers (canine & human) alike. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

    Karen Wilson

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    that would be fun, but I am in Anchortown. My chessie would be a hoot to watch.


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      Sounds good but....

      I am in Palmer. Kind of a long way for one day. If I can connect it to something else maybe.


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        I'm in Anchorage too. If I could schedule other business there I might be able to attend.



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          I'm in Anchorage as well. Maybe the Anchorage group should plan a chessie only training day. Granted, my chessie isn't even born yet (I'm hoping the ***** is in heat as we speak), but I'll come toss some birds...
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            I should arrive back in Anchorage with my new Chessy pup on May 6th, God willing and the volcano doesn't go off.


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              Since I can't bring my lab, can I come watch purely for the entertainment value? PULLEEEEZZZ? What could possibly be more fun than watching a whole herd of Chessies getting trained? And tell me Bill P is gonna be there too?
              Funniest thing I ever saw training was Bob D w/his Chessie trying to eat him starting at the groin. Come on Karen, I'll behave. Honest.


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                as long as its a few weeks out i'll be bringing my chessy too... he just got his boys chopped off so hes recooping right now... but if its a few weeks out count me in
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                  I heard yesterday afternoon my puppy died. It was eating and choked. He said he tried everything he knew and couldn't save her.


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                    Sorry to hear about your pup Alaskan Chessie.


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