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    I posted this in the mushing area but no responses. Maybe someone here can answer this for me:

    I am posting this here thinking that many of you keep your dogs "outside". I have a lab that is a house dog. Like any ab she loves being outside. She loves to go outside just to eat snow and roll around in it and I am worried about the possibility of ash fall. How do you "protect" your dogs from this possibilty of "eating" ash? I have a good idea about taking her out to do her buisness, but am worried about what to do if she still manages to eat some of the ash. Thanks in advance for any insite you might have.


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    I wouldn't be worried so much about your dog consuming ash, but would be very concerned about inhalation of ash. I would keep outside time to a minimum during posted ashfall warnings and if there is a significant amount on the ground.
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