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    Planning ahead by a year But..
    I am waiting took pick up my new yellow chocoMix (black lab) still gotta wait another 4 weeks.
    The Q is there a dehydrated reconstitutable dog food like freeze dried type of stuff for dogs? Or other suggestions? Im thinking a several day pack trip here. The Dog can carry some but with a doggy pack but I dont want to overload the poor guy. Or myself. Thanks Tom

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    No. Not that I'm aware.
    When I go hiking my dogs also have there own packs. They carry bottles of water and regular dry dog food in ziplocks.

    A bit of advice. Depending on where you are camping. Be aware of bears. I always carry my food in a large pvc pipe container with a screw top. 6" wide x 12" long or so. Something I put together myself. When I camped I'd store all food in it. Then leave it away from the camp sometimes strung up in a tree by a rope. Never had bear problems but I imagine the container is pretty bear proof. Would save your food from being eaten until the bear decides to leave then you can retrieve it.
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