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  • A Traumatized Golden

    I have a buddy with a six-month old golden. He and his wife were recently walking with their dog in Anchorage on a trail also open to mushers and their teams. As a team rounded a corner, they stepped off of the trail to let them pass. However, when the team got close, the two lead dogs actually attacked. They pinned my buddy to the ground and tore into his retreiver pup, biting both of them repeatedly during the incident.

    All issues regarding how and why the incident happened aside, my buddy is now left with a pup that is terrified of other dogs. Other than socializing his pup with stable dogs, what should he be doing to help the pooch get beyond the experience?

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    Wow !! That's an ordeal. Like you say we'll put the whys aside and focus on rehabing the pup.
    How bad were the wounds? Is the pup ready for exercise and a normal routine?
    I operate a free range kennel. So lots of socialization. I have seen cases like this before back when I was running the rescue program. Folks still bring me dogs that need to be rehabed for various reasons. Most are afraid of people and in your case.. other dogs. The dog needs to be addressed but the owner needs to be taught as well on how to properly respond and excert confidence in situations where the pup becomes fearful. The owner needs to know how to build confidence in the dog.
    Exposure and proper leadership during the relearning phase is all this dog needs.
    Contact me if you wish to have help.
    Baron Rea


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      Sounds like good advice. I'll pass it along. Much obliged.


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