just want to know how my progress is???



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  • just want to know how my progress is???

    got 2 pups 6 months and 5 months old.... my female is 6 she will whoa on birds still jumps the bird every now and then.... hasnt yet learned to honor another dog but havent had the oppurtunity yet. she will retrieve anything i put her on and has only been up against quail so far.... what do you guys think??? is this satisfactory???? im tickled to death that Ive gotten her to do this.... but this is my first training on bird dogs... also i have to wear her out for about 45 minutes before she will act perfect for me.... i'm starting her on the retrieving dummy next week (the .22 shooter one??) i'm not sure what else to explain that with... my 5 month old is still getting there totally diffrent personality so hes a bit slower on things (he gets his feelings hurt) and wont work right until he figures out daddy wants him to work. i've only had him a month so i'm giving him his space.... what do you guys think
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    Sounds like good progress. Just make things fun them. They should be high rolling and happy about everything. Don't know if you are doing so or not but I'd use a long line. You can reinforce "whoa" a lot better and she won't jump the bird. Plus you can walk right up to her and mold her into a proper point. (I'm guessing these pups are pointers)
    The 22 dummy launcher. I'd be careful with. They are pretty loud to be firing initially for teaching. I'd stretch out her reaching distance first by having someone help you throw retrieving dummies for her. Once she is retrieving soundly up to some distance then incorporate a blank shot with the retrieve. Your buddy in the field will fire off the shot. Then gradually over several days move the dog closer to the thrower. This is conditioning the dog to gun fire. You want the dog to relate gunfire with something it likes to do. Which is retrieving. You don't want to fire it right over her and see what happens. Bad idea. Once she is used to gunfire then you can fire the 22 dummy launcher over her for retrieving.

    Your other dog. Well males sometimes mature a bit slower. He just needs to grow up a bit more. I wouldn't worry he'll come around.
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      yeah there german shorthair pointers sorry for not putting that before... the male is just learning me and the house so hes a little shy at first.... at first he wouldnt play with a grouse wing then once i got my other pup on it they made a game of it and i quickly made him change that to daddy wants the bird and thats what you are suppose to do. now he gets it just takes him a bit to get excited.... my female is one speed hyper drive..... i cant flip a rod and wing anymore by the time she gets tired.... i take her jogging with me too before our little events but no diffrence i can wear her out and as soon as I say BIRD she goes ape ****..... but I have had her since she was a 6 weeks and I treated her like a lap dog and she has a extreme desire to please me.... she road 4 hours home in my lap the first day i got her....been mine ever since doesnt even listen to my wife...
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        Good progress

        It sounds good, but like Wetland says, they are still pups. You need to be patient.

        I would not be looking for perfection any time soon. What they really need to do is learn to learn to learn. Generally you teach whoa seperate from the birds. Later when they have had time in the field and learned that they can not catch birds you put the two together. If possible get them on wild birds as much as possible this spring and summer and the pointing will take place naturally,(homing pigeons can work well to, they fly well enough so the dog does not catch them) then you can put the whoa with the birds and enhance the natural pointing tendency.
        Continue with the fun fetch while introducing gunfire as Wetland says. Work on your "yard work" come, heel etc and treat everything they do as great and fun.
        Honoring will also come naturally, not as much as pointing, when they get into wild birds. Again, once whoa is taught seperately, you can apply it to the honor. It would be nice to have help with that as you need a steady dog or two handlers.
        I use a great drill I learned from Delmar Smith that introduces and teaches quartering, pointing, backing, steady to flush, gunfire etc.
        Come on out this spring / summer to join us (ABDA) if you are interested. It is often helpful to share training tips, help each other out and just plain talk dogs and birds.


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