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  • Springer puppy on Craigslist

    There has been a Springer puppy on Craigslist several times now. A co-worker was interested in a Springer so I did some research on this puppy. My co-worker wanted a show bred dog, this puppy is field bred thus he did not take the puppy. The puppy is 4 months old, liver and white, with the longer field docked tail. he is out of a kennel in SD - I called the kennel and got pedigrees and photos of the parents. The Sire is out of Denalisunflo bloodlines which were bred by Roy French for their birdiness and bidability. lots of field champions on the sire's side. On the mother's side there is one field champion. The breeders told me the sire is an exceptional hunter while the mother is pretty good. The young woman that owns the puppy admits now that this puppy is not a good fit for their family - this puppy is way too active - a typical springer puppy. He is now four months old and needs a home. He is mostly house trained, kennel trained, and does play retrieve. I have field bred springers and am active in Arctic Bird Dog Association so offered to help her find a home for the puppy. the price on this puppy is negotiable - I would love to see him go to a hunting home. Springers are fine for Alaska, they can handle light waterfowl duty, and are great upland dogs and family pets. ABDA has several spaniel hunt tests a year you can run this dog in once trained. Plus Springers are the perfect size for that small boat and fit very nicely in the back seat of a supercub. Springers do need daily exercise though like most sporting breeds.

    I thought this would be a good forum to help me help the owner find a good home. I can pm you the owners phone number and the pedigrees and photos if you pm me. we just don't have a photo of the pup as the owner doesn't own a digital camera.

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    Update on Springer puppy

    just an update on the Springer puppy. I took a freind out to look at the puppy and it had been neglected, and was terribly skinney so we took the puppy home. My freind took him on a trial basis and he has turned out to be real jewel. It is amazing what a little love, food, structure, attention, and training can do for a dog. My freind is keeping the pup and will be field training him with our group this summer out at Falcon Ridge. Thanks to everyone who asked about the puppy!


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      Congrats and good to hear the springer got a good home. Mine is laying on the floor next to me.
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