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  • my pups pads

    I have 2 GSP's and my female has a pad problem.... its getting warmer and she gets more outside time and lots of bird drills..... shes outside probably 4 hours a day now when im out there with her.... her back paws are raw though, the pad in the middle looks like its rubbing off???? AT first i thought she got into the de Icer so i washed her off and the porch... the other pup is fine..... should i put some booties on her??? maybe she ahs sensitive paws or something.... any advice??? I have put antibiotic cream on them and wrapped them up for now.....
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    My two wirehairs wear booties a lot. I'm not sure what your dog's pads look like, but my pup 's paws especially can get huge ice balls between the pads. If the ice balls get too bad then his pad bleeds a bit and looks like it is starting to tear off. It is also not outside the realm of possibilities that an allergic reaction to de-icer is part of the issue with your dog.

    I use the musher booties but in rougher snow I have seen the heavier gun dog booties work better for others. With musher booties you have to carry extras out hunting because they get pulled off. The musher booties wear out fast and get lost easily but they are cheap. The hunting booties are clunkier and more expensive but they stay on, are more durable, and provide significantly more protection against harsh snow and brush.

    The three dogs I have used booties with all hated them the first few times they wore them. Once they know an adventure is associated with the booties the attitude changes and they start to get excited when you pull them out.

    Good Luck


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      If your GSP has been a house dog during most of the winter then your dogs feet aren't conditioned or thickened up enough to sustain any long term exposure to the ice and snow. This time of year with the warming temperatures makes us want to go outdoors more. We can easily get dressed up to protect ourselves from the elements. But don't realize or already expect our dogs to be sufficiently equipped. In most cases they are out of shape just like us from wintering out most of the winter. It takes a little bit of time for there pads to build up(toughen up) then things will be fine.
      You can physically feel how thick there pads are. If you can press your thumb nail into the pad. If it leaves a mark then there pads are pretty soft and susceptible to the frozen ground still.
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