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  • Chesapeake on Craigslist

    Just came across this. Dated the 12th. under community pet section
    Not meaning to stir up any mess here. Just trying to help the dog. That's what it is all about.
    Someone on here may be able to help.
    Baron Rea

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    Chesapeake On Craigslist

    You are doing a good thing by posting on the dog. I looked at the post but I already have 2 Chessies and just picked up a 5 month old yellow lab off of Cragslist about 2 weeks back.


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      Free Chessie- how about sponsors?

      Wetlands - do you fly out that way, could you pick him up?

      That seems to be the issue with a dog sight unseen.
      Have you thought about getting sponsors or co-owners for some of these dogs?
      So, you don't get bogged down with the entire expense trying to find them new homes.
      Here is his url on craigs list. Im going to send a message to the owner and see if he has had a response.

      Just a couple of ideas.

      I also have just met a bunch of Chessie people in the last month doing an article for Alaska Dog News. These folks mush, weight pull and hunt with Chessies.


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        I already called and i'm taking the dog... im a german pointer person myself but i couldnt help but feel bad for him so he's got a home..... hope the wife doesnt loose it haha
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