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  • Alaska Dog News online/locations in Valley & Anchorage

    Alaska Dog News is online and in locations from Girdwood to Willow. If you know of a place that should have it please let me know. Our distrubition is done by me and 2-3 others depending on the month. April/May- June/July - August/Sept issues will bring more sporting dog coverage. It's really difficult to participate in an event, take photos and gather material. If any of you who are, Oh so free with advice and stories PLEASE feel free to submit information or let me know you can get some photos of an event, from anywhere in Alaska. Dogs out in rural and bush Alaska would be a wonderful addition. Like wise I can send issues to other areas in Alaska. I may ask for a small fee to cover postage.

    In a few weeks, I hope, we'll be seeing the endless stream of waterfowl along the Knik Arm. When the flocks lift off of the flats it sounds unbelievable. From my upstairs window I could see the flocks flying just off of the water in a cloud of wings. Every year I have tried to find the best place to get photos of the migration. Last summer,after migration, I found a way to get into the middle of it just 1/2 mile from my house. I share the photos if I get them. The dogs will have to stay at home on those trips.

    Let me know what you think of Alaska Dog News

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