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  • General advice on a first pup

    Im sure there a hundred places to get advice from Ill throw it out here first.

    First off I had To put down my golden retriever black lab mix a week ago. What a guy he was 16 and and tuffed it out as long as he could. I got him at 7 months so he was already house trained. I never did hunting training he was just geneally a buddy that would hang with me and liked the outdoors and got wet every chance he had. . And woofing at the pizza guy. He was a spitting image of a flatcoated retriever. Ok now that I got that over with...

    My ex father in law and good friend has a choco mix male lab with a big blockhead maybe some pit in him Not my favorite brand for sure and a pure yellow female that had pups the same day my old Angus hit the happy trails.
    I gonna snatch up a male when they are ready. They came out black with white chin patches and the occasional white spot on the foot or tail..

    I want the same qualities in my new dog. Just a dog to to have around as buddy for my outdoor advantures and definetly needs to handle the noisy jetboat and occasional shot fired. And also indoors Compatible. A lab mix will be a good match for my needs but what do I need to know about puppies to Achieve a bond that will be beneficial to both of us. Im kind of a softy at times so training might be a challenge for me. I will nueter the dog and Im not a duck hunter. I am really looking forward to the whole experience. Thanks Tom...

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    I have a year old yellow lab that is amazingly faithful and just a great dog.. He is not hunt trained or anything but he has walked with me while bunny hunting.. He has never been afraid of the .22 ... We live very remote and he will go outside for hours.. and always come back with a certain whistle.. Ive never had a dog that was so fun to train... He goes into the kennel at night if you tell him "go kennel" he picked up "sit" "lay" and we are working on "come here" these dogs will let you know when there ready to learn.. just start a routine and they will pick it up.. Ive never had my dog on a leash and fear the day I have to ... .My lab also has 3 chew toys .. 2 cats and a smaller ****zu toy poodle mix to play with:eek:,, that keeps him calm in the house....
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      Couldnt help it

      Heres a shot of Black Angus and a shot of the new pups.

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        Yellow Dog

        I picked up a 5 to 6 month old yellow lab that is pure bred off of craiglist for free last week. The owner said that he did not have time to train him so it is like starting from scratch. I do have two older female Chesapeake Bay Retrivers that have been giving me a hand with the training.
        1. Its a puppy so have a set time for feeding and watering.
        2. Lots of praise
        3. If you have a kennel use it for over night sleeping area and the first thing in morning is potty trainning. Accidents will happen
        4. Try not to feed him human food
        5. Chew toys should be available
        6. Have lots of patience and be positive.
        7. All dogs should have obedience training it can save their lives
        8. Take your dog for a walk and leash train him


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