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    has anyone used him or know more about him. I am planning on taking my dog to him for a 2 week evaluation period to see if he can be trained . I dont want information on other trainers or things just Tom if you know of him or his training methods great .The one person I spoke with showed me how far his dog has come and iwas impressed.Thanks

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    No vote for TOM.


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      Never heard of Tom Rosen.
      There is a Tom Simpson out of Fairbanks that trains if that what you mean.
      I used a guy out of Palmer. Baren , not sure how to spell it. Wetland Retrievers is his business name. He's the only person I've ever seen line up eight dogs or so off leash and have a helper throw bumpers in the distance. The retriever he wanted to send he would call them by name for them to go get the bumper. The other dogs just sat there waiting there turn. After seeing that it was a no brainer as to who I was going to use.


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        Tom Rosen has a kennel out on Fairview Loop. 373 5614

        skyguy. Thanks for that. I'll meet you at Sportmans.
        Baron Rea


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