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    I have been toying with thte idea of joining a retriever club, but I have some apprehension. I have an AKC registered black lab who is 5. She has the obediance thing down as far as house rules, and can do most retrievs that are asked. I started her on the whistle, but that was a few years ago. She still has some of it, but has lost her edge. Would clubs around Anchorage take a guy like me with a 5 year old dog? The other question I had are any clubs better than others. From what I can tell from the websites, the Midnight Sun Gun Dog Assc. and the Alaska Working Retriever Club seem to have a loyal following and both seem to do a number of events each year. Anyone on here a member of either? The final question I had is how does a 5 year old dog fit into the training/competition side of things. I would assume its a start at the bottom and work your way up kind of thing. Is this a correct assuption? Any information would be very helpful. Thanks!!

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    The clubs

    Hello there.
    I'm a member of the three retriever clubs here in the Anchorage area. The Midnight Sun Gundog Association is a NAHRA club.
    Retriever Club of Alaska and Alaska Working Retriever Club are both AKC.

    I wouldn't worry too much about your dogs age. It's not a limiting factor for training. I have trained dogs as old as eight years.
    Basically, if you can put forth the effort and stay consistent in the training your dog can pick things up quickly.

    We would welcome you to come out and see how each club operate. Each have some training events coming up for the spring. I will be helping out at the one that AWRC is putting on. It starts Feb 14th. So let me know if you are interested in coming out. We can evaluate where your dog is in training and give you advice on how to progress from there.

    I'm a professional gundog trainer out in the Palmer area. I train throughout the week and weekends. So I too can be a resource for you.

    Look forward to working with you.

    Baron Rea
    Wetland Retrievers
    Baron Rea


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      What is the difference between a NAHRA club and an AKC club? I would love to came out and see how a club operates. Sorry for asking so many questions. I'm sure they wont be the last.


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        As far as membership and training offered, they are identical.
        The difference is the field testing.
        NAHRA and AKC started and Junior are pretty much the same as far as presentation. AKC requires delivery to hand and the marks at an AKC event for Junior tend to be up to 100yds.
        If I remember right NAHRA started is up to 75yds.
        Certain rules are different between each club on what you can and can't do while handling your dog.

        Now, as you and your dog get more advanced in training you can sign up for the next level. Where you have multiple marks and blind retrieves.
        In NAHRA, as your dog advances in training you are judged on your dogs ability to trail and qaurter a field to find game. You will also be judged on how steady your dog is to a flushing bird.
        NAHRA puts on hunt test. Whereas AKC, holds hunt test and field trials. Hunt test you are judged against a standard. It's pass or fail.
        Field trials being more challenging, it is dog against dog. Awards are 1,2,3,4. Distances, use of factors and your dogs ability and the handlers ability are of utmost importance to succeed in a field trial.
        I encourage to go watch each of these events. It's awesome dog work. Who knows you might become hooked into the sport. We'd love to have you along.
        If you are available tomorrow. I have a training group meeting this weekend.
        632 0123, I'll let you know when and where.
        Baron Rea


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