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Found Yellow Lab 11 mile KGB-

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  • Found Yellow Lab 11 mile KGB-

    Found sitting in the middle of Knik-Goosebay Rd , west of Wasilla, Jan 31. She is really sweet, about 1 year old, no spay scar. Doesn't appear to be pregnant - so far.

    She will go to the MatSu shelter tomorrow and be checked for a chip.
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    I live in the area, and I'll watch for postings of the missing lab. Ya check the post office board yet?
    I'm Pro-Pike.


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      Yellow Lab

      Have you found the owner for the found yellow lab? If you can't find the owner, I would love to have a yellow lab. I used to have a female yellow lab and have been looking for another one. I live off KGB and Pt Mac, we have 5 acres and are lab lovers.
      Sincerely Mountain Gal


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        Yellow lab went home and what we learned

        What we learned-
        1-A good place to put a Found Dog poster is 8 miles away at the liquor store.
        2-Donít put Labs in a kennel truck filled with straw/hay. They eat it and get diarrhea
        3-Owners are not very thankful that you took their dog to the shelter ($$$) and that they have diarrhea even if you did save the dogís life and woke up every hour to take said dog out ( diarrhea) and to clean up thrown up straw.
        4- Always keep some liquid Imodium in the house.
        5- 5 dogs in our house is too many and I'm not ready for a young dog again... for a while.
        6- Always call the shelter first if you find a dog or loose a dog. I have to take them to the shelter because I turn into a real "female dog" when the owners tell me how irresponsible they are. It's better that we never meet.


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          Thats a shame Linda. I wouldn't care what happend to my lab if ya found him, I'd be tickled to get the bonehead back alive.
          I'm Pro-Pike.


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            from those of us that love dogs like you do. We thank you whole heartedly for your tremendous efforts. We certainly would want you to do the same if it had been one of our own. Please don't let the results of this event prevent you from helping another.
            Thanks again. I know it can be frustrating.
            Baron Rea


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              That's a lot like the folks that just got their dog back from animal control when I had them come pick him up at my home. He was way out in the middle of no where on a moose kill that we have set snares around. I figured out a way to get him home with me, I was on a snow machine, He would not follow me, I couldn't get him on the sled so I tied a long rope to him and I went slow making sure not to harm him, called animal control and sent him on his way unharmed. The people who claimed him were not thankful their dog was alive and unharmed. I know many folks who in this day and age that would find a dog out on a trap line and just "take care of it".

              But I am an animal lover and if it had been my dog I would have been thankful. They complained to animal control the whole time, how dare we trap, how dare we this, how dare we that.....The officer told me that he looked at them and said, Well, she has a license to trap, do you have a license for your dog? (grin)...the dog didn't even have proof of shots, no collar, no tags.

              Two days later, the dog was back out there, (its a good thing I check everyday)....Yep, you guessed it, animal control was called once again....
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                Found Yellow Lab

                There are many people out there that don't deserve animals and thank you for caring for the sweet lab that you rescued. I would want you to do it for my dog and I would do it for your dog and other's as well. it's usually the animal that will suffer in the long run.


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                  This reminds me of a retriever I picked up.....
                  About 10 years ago I was out duck hunting out at Rabbit Slough. While we were boating out heading back to the parking area a black lab appeared and started running along side the bank. At first I ignored it thinking that maybe it would turn and go back to its owner. It never did. I finally pulled up along the bank and the dog joined us. Like she belonged there. I ran back down to the ferry crossing and asked other hunters who might know who the dog belonged to. Two hours went by with no luck and I wasn't about to leave the dog unattended again. So I took the dog back with me. Once at the boat launch area I made a sign and attached to a tree. Stating that if they lost a dog to contact me with my phone number. I recieved a phone call at about 1030 that night. The guy was irrate and cursing me. He accused me of stealing his dog. He was trying to tell me that his dog would have found him or made it back to his truck and that I should have left the dog alone. I gave him an on the spot education. :mad: I made him drive the 1.5 hrs to my home to come pick his dog up. He never said "Thank You" Just took his dog and left.
                  Baron Rea


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                    People just amaze me, the things that could have happened to each of these dogs are unmentionable but yet the owners don't think of that stuff. :mad:
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