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    Well folks it's that time of year again isn't it. I am just letting everyone know that I will be ordering my birds here in a week or so and all who may want to get in on this order may feel free to do so as long as you get to me soon. If you miss out I will have birds for sale this summer as I always do. The arrival will be either the end of April or the start of May, the breeder is checking on that for me and as soon as he gets back to me I'll be placing my order.



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    Mike what are you ordering? what is projected cost per chick? or are you getting older fletched out birds? i tred to reach you several times last fall... on the chukars.

    am interested in Phes not so much chucker. but would consider some. depending on DATES...... if you run in to any issues with your hatchery let me know... i have quite a few leads on them ...

    every one i have found over the years that BULK orders are the only way to order birds.. any one looking at poultry this year too should consider getting a few friends together and ordering direct from the hatchery.. i have several t recommend if need... you will get a better product and lower price then just buying some from the feed stores....

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      Sorry for taking so long to get back, I'm in Umiat working right now and not always at camp. I'm ordering chukars as of right now. The price per day old chick is 1.15 from the hatchery with a 40 count minimum, the pheasant chicks are also 1.15 for a straight run with a 25 minimum. And for those wanting quail it's .45 a piece with a 60 chick minimum. My delivery date isn't set yet but it is the first week of May, as I won't be home until then to pick them up at the airport, but if it was like last year it's usually that wed or thursday. I had very good luck with the birds I ordered last year from Olesen's and they are very easy to work with as they want whats is best for their customers and birds. I had a few of you guys wanting birds last year but nothing came of it, I will be doubling my order this year on the chukars, if I have time I might get set up for pheasants, but with work being in the way right now I'm not sure if that will happen yet. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me and as work alows I will get back to any of you as soon as I can.




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        Order some extras!!!

        I'll take 2000 chuckar, 1500 pheasant and 82 pigeons. With those kinds of numbers I might actually be able to hit enough for us to have dinner that night

        See you when you get home! How bout them photos???

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