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  • Dangerous rubber ball toy

    I don't know if any of you have seen this or not. I did look it up on the Snopes Link to see what it said. It appears to be valid.
    If you had this ball with the one hole, I would think you might make it safe by simply drilling a hole in the other side. But if in doubt, get rid of the ball.


    I tried attaching the information along with the Snopes link and photos. I did not work. If you want more information, which does have a picture of the ball, send me a PM.

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    yep sounds like another hole would fix that problem. also if your dog happens to get a ball suctioned to its toungue cheek or whatever, you could do it a favor by squeezing the ball while you pull . that way you equalize the pressure inside the ball and it will break free with ease.


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      great idea

      thanks for that feedback.
      I looked on the link a little closer. They do show toys, but not the ball in question. It was dark red with lots of bumps or pimples. According to the recall list there may be some other toys as well.
      If you go to Snopes you can look at the story about the dog that lost its tongue from this toy. A pretty gruesome story. The dog's tongue was eventually amputated. He will be on special food for the rest of his life. My dogs don't get much for toys, just an occasional tennis ball and that's about it.
      But I hated to think about this happening to a dog even if it wasn't mine.


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