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  • E collar question

    Are E collars more intense if the dog is wet?

    I was on my way to do some training today, and let my dog get into the water for a few minutes. After he was wet we went and did the training. I noticed he yelped at the level that I normaly have it on. When he is dry he never yelps, he just turns his head a little. Should I turn it down when he is wet?
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    Hi Tom.
    Yes, a wet dog is more sensitive to the collar. The water provides better contact to the skin versus the dogs dry hair.
    You should turn the collar down when your dog is wet and in the water. For your dog......try not using it while he is in the water. Don't want to spook him about getting in the water. We need to have some further lessons about conditioning him and you to its use.

    Sorry I didn't get to help you much at the picnic test. I was busy helping and running the dogs on my truck. Hope you had fun. I was glad to see you there. Give me a call if you wish. I'll contact you later about training coming up.
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