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Thin Ice in Big Lake

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  • Thin Ice in Big Lake

    I saw open water on Wasilla Lake yesterday and started thinking about water training. But I guess we are still a few weeks away that. When I got home I read the article about two dogs on Big Lake and the rescue.

    I think Jim Dault is a hero. I fully understand the danger of thin ice, in fact it took me two years to drive out on Big Lake, I'm not from here. I also fully understand the priority of saving people over dog but I've gone into 45 degree, chin deep water to grap a puppy.
    The article implys that Big Lake Rescue will not rescue animals. I'm wondering if they had the means to do it safely would they rescue the dogs? No matter what there will be someone like Jim Dault that cannot stand by and watch.
    Linda Henning

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    Good story and glad it came out ok. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that people need to keep their pets contained in their own yards. Nothing peaves me worse than to have neighbors who let their dogs roam freely... especially when those dogs come into my driveway to do their business. I put in the effort to fence in my yard, they can do the same or at the least put them on a lead. :mad:

    As for the fire department response, as I was a firefighter for many years, it is standard procedure that fire departments will not rescue animals. It's not that the firefighters don't want to, but their hands are tied by the bureaucracy (local government), insurance carriers, and work-place safety rules (NFPA & OSHA). They can't even do the classic rescue a cat from a tree. And this all started well over a decade ago, so it's really not a new thing.
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