Lost our best friend... Looking for another buddy.



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  • Lost our best friend... Looking for another buddy.

    We are middle age ( broken hearted) retired couple living off grid. Our family member black lab ( kobuk) of 11 years,6 days, passed away several months ago. It's virtually impossible to live out here without that kind of support that he gave us. We are searching for another lab pup we can nurture into a lasting relationship. If you have any info on lab pups for sale,please respond!

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    Didn't want you to think nobody cared..... I don't know where to find a new lab pup for you, but wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of your best friend. It's really hard, I know, as we lost our yellow last summer. That one really hurt, as he came into our lives when my children were small and they grew up with him. He was such a sweet boy. Heal well, and good luck finding a new best friend!
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      Have you considered any other breeds also? I'm a big fan of mutts. Seems they have fewer health issues. That said, I have shared my life with several Chesapeakes. Currently have a Golden Pyrenees that is the smartest dog I have ever had. She's 13 and not quite so spry. Hoping to keep her a few more years. She packs, tracks, pulls sleds, and will ride in or on anything. I have been eyeing English Shepherds as an option in the future.
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        I have always loved Yellow Labs. I've had about 18 of them as I raised them for a bit. My last one ruined me. He drove to AK with me, flew to Kotz, Nome, Elim, Shaktoolik, Shaktooik to Anch., Bethel, Aniak, back to Anchorage. He just did not have one care in the world except being with me. He rode in the boat. I lifted his 135 pound butt so he could go to shore to pee. He was truly an ambassador for pure breed dogs in the villages. The Eskimo kids would line up 10-12 deep just to give him commands. I can't think of a better dog.

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