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Please read this before purchasing a bird dog from this Kennel!!!!

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  • Please read this before purchasing a bird dog from this Kennel!!!!

    Please read this before purchasing a bird dog from this Kennel. I bought a bird dog named Suzie from *a kennel* in Kansas. This has been the worst experience i have ever had in purchasing a bird dog. We watched the dog work and listened to what they had to say about the dog. We liked so we bought her. We get her home, and she is completely not even close to what we thought she was. This dog has never been hunted/trained in tall grass, never seen a hedge row, and acts like she has never seen a wild bird, only pin raised birds that have to be thrown up. We notified the owners immediately with our concern and was instructed to give the dog some time to adjust to the change, which we agreed to do. The dog never came around and in fact hasn't improved at all. We were instructed to give her 30 days and see how she reacted, then never heard back from the kennel. I have just recently contacted them to see if there is anything that could be done, it has been 2 months since I have heard anything. Their response was nothing could be done, but they are sorry we are disappointed in the bird dog. IMAGINE THAT!! This dog is not worth what we gave for her, not even close. If you are considering buying from these people please contact me and come and see the product we got when we arrived home. I will buy some birds and take you on a hunt with her. If this is the type of dogs that this kennel sells I want everyone to see before wasting their money like we have. I will guarantee that they will not receive another dime of our business!! I AM IN NO WAY TELLING YOU NOT TO BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE, ONLY TO VIEW THE PRODUCT WE WERE SOLD BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR DECISION. Please contact me with all questions and concerns, Thanks!
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    Boy I hate to respond to a thread like this, becuase there are way way more questions than answers....what were your expectations?

    how old was the dog when you bought her?

    Sounds like you bought a dog, wanted to open up the box, and watch her work and be trained 100% right out of the gate.

    Maybe some well versed gundog trainers on this sight could comment? I am not one of them.

    I prefer to be an intergral part of bringing my pup up to I'm no help with dogs being trained away from thier owners. I'm on my third dog and this one is going to take a while to get traing and may never get there. Oh well - i still love the lil fella.


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      You say you watched this dog work. Were you there "in person" with the trainer? Did you personally get to work this dog with the trainer overseeing and teaching you how to handle this dog. Plus verbal commands to use.
      How old is this dog?
      Are you in Alaska trying to hunt this dog now or were your troubles else where?
      Just guessing----and mentally rambling----this dog came from Kansas. If this is a short haired pointer or any other gundog less than a year old. There coat isn't conditioned to Alaska winters. Especially if just arriving.
      It would be like going out without a jacket. It has been subzero just here in Anchorage the last week.
      Please give us some more details. What did this dog do that sold you? And what is it not doing now. It may be a simple issue between you and your dog. If the dog doesn't respect you it won't work with you. There simply isn't a bond established. I'll be glad to get on the phone to represent you if needed, but first let's do our homework here first.
      I'd like to know what this dog can do and what you saw it do.
      Then I'd like to work the dog personally. Then establish an opinion from there and how we can fix it.
      Baron Rea


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        too many questions

        I do not doubt your angst. It is apparent in your writings. But without more information, how do you expect us to make a decision or provide guidance, if in fact that is what you are asking.
        You watched her work, but did you work her? How old is she? What type of basics does she have? Is she a dog that out of the box works equally well for any handler? What type of experience do you have as a handler? Trainer?
        I have worked with a lot of labs "out of the box". Each has been different. Most do not work extremely well at first. It took time to get where I wanted them to be.
        I would like to hear more, and listen to what you have to say. Let us know if we can help.


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          I kept waiting for the punch line or expected some goofy picture. Just like people even the best bloodlines will produce some less than desirable offspring.



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            Sorry it took som long to reply, I have been out of town. She is a 2 year old female pointer. She was sold to us as started, almost finished. I have no trouble working dogs as we have owned them since I was a kid. This dog acts like she was beaten into her hunting ways. She is very timid. Yes we were in the field with the dog, but never worked her only watched. Should have known! I am not a trainer, but have handled and hunted a lot of dogs. I will be on here answering questions everyday now, so ask away and lets see what we can do about this! I appreciate everyone's help.


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              They stated that she just needed polished to be a finished dog. I can look back at emails, but they said she had about 100 (I think) wild birds killed over her and that she was solid throughout the retrieve. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!


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                Where are you located?

                There is a huge gap between a started dog and a finished one.

                Ok. Here come the questions............
                What commands does she know? How is her obedience? In and out of the field.
                A started pointer should...........
                go, stop, come, heel, retrieve, sit and recall to whistle
                be introduced to guns, birds, gunners and other dogs in the field.
                should stop to flush and shot, go on point, whoa, know how to pattern in front of the gun, deliver birds to hand
                Which of these can she do?
                If you are nearby I may opt to meet with you.
                Baron Rea


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