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lewellen setter????

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  • lewellen setter????

    I don't know much about the pointing breeds, but the most intelligent of all the dog breeds I've seen, has to be the Lewellen setters.

    Anyone out there hunt this breed here in our Alaska?

    Maybe I'm just going soft in my old age, but I would like to hear opinions on the breed by folks that hunt them here for upland birds.

    Before I jump into something I know so little about and lay out a lot of money. It would be good to have some feed back.
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    Hi Big Al,
    A guide and friend of mine, from Maine, Paul King, Uplanders Chioce Kennels, 207-462-4506, runs and trains them professionally for grouse/woodcock/qual, he usually has pups, started dogs and occasionally finished dogs. He picked up his lines from George Hickox, Grouse Wing Kennels, about 20 years ago. I worked for George and provided Paul his first pups, he later bought out all of George's string of llewellens. I'm pretty sure he heads toward the Carolinas for the winter. They are great dogs for the foot hunter, not head strong or hard dogs though, so if you're heavy handed or it'll require a new set of techniques. They are very people oriented when hunting, not big running over the hill types. They will constantly check in, maybe just a glance at you as the sweep by, but learn their hunting patterns upwind, cross wind, and down wind without a lot of efforts and are real easy to control in and around alder thickets. Paul or George are the best resource for the llewellens I can come up with. Good Luck.


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      I thank you for the feed back. I found, after a lot of web surfing a kennel in KY that is exclusive with the Llewellyn setter. I'm surprised that this breed is not better known here in Alaska. From what you described they do sound about perfect for the kind of hunting we do here.

      It would be great to have a dog that would do follow-ups on ruffs after that first hit when they scatter in all directions. If I had a hunting dog like you describe I might be tempted to try shooting them in the air.

      Your referral to heavy handed is my primary worry, I know that I've developed that hard going training methods from to many years with the chessies. I know this breed has to be much softer as they appear far to intelligent to be hard headed. I just might be to the point in my life that softer is nicer in a dog anyway.

      I will give the folks you mentioned a call and see what they have to offer. A pup would only work for me after I had a finished dog to learn from , and I spent a lot of time in self training.
      "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tryants." (Thomas Jefferson


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        Lewellen Setters

        I have a Tricolored Male and after having Labs and Goldens for the last 30 years I can honestly say - Lewellen Setters are not Retrievers. They have the best nose of any dog I've had; even better then the dog with the Golden Nose. They are Pain and Pleasure rolled up in the same package. Like my wife says - They Make Life Interesting. She wouldn't trade him for a pack of Chiwowows. But I might. :rolleyes: All in all a great Dog.
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          Have you done any special reading for training? How has your training changed from your retrievers? Is your dog over acting like a puppy yet and how old is he.

          Would you say he is soft to train, or hard headed. Where did you get him? Did you see his parents work?

          Does he like birds? Have you given him any live birds yet? Does he hunt close? Does he keep an eye on you when he's working? Needless to say I'm interested in what you think of him as a hunting buddy. :confused:
          "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tryants." (Thomas Jefferson


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