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I didn't teach him that!!

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  • I didn't teach him that!!

    My Shorthaired Pointer Roy is like my right arm. He goes with me everywhere. Sometimes I think he is smarter than I am is thinking a step ahead of me.

    We have several large trees in our yard and lots of squirrels. So many that they chewed a hole in my soffit and decided to take up residency in the eve. I declared war on the little rascals and Roy picked right up on it. Without an inkling of training he has started pointing squirrels in the trees. The way it starts is he circles the base of the tree with his nose within inches then if one has recently climbed that tree he follows his nose as high as he can jump. I just stand back and watch. He will walk around that tree looking upward until he finds his quarry and then he locks solid on point with his right foot in the air crossing over his heart like he is saying the pledge. He must think I'm a lame hunter because when he locks on point looking straight up it sometimes takes me ten minutes to find the varmint that he is pointing. Sometimes I get down beside him and try to line up my eyeballs with his to see exactly where it is that he is looking. My neighbor guy thinks it's funnier than heck. We have kilt 7 in the last week and the last one was way up in the skinny branches in the big red oak tree. It took me three shots to land a CB long on him. He was anything but dead when he made the earthward tumble. Roy was at the squirrels landing spot before the squirrel was. Roy knows it's a game animal and kills them without any more damage than needed and retrieves them to me. One of the neighbors across the back fence is a police officer in this town and we are on good terms concerning the squirrel overpopulation. He roots me on.

    Squirrel season in the wild starts in a week and I haven't been this excited about opening day since I was a kid!

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    Excellent! Roy's a good one for sure! I got one for ya....I didn't teach "HER" that. roud:

    My chessie was a great retriever for sure. And when I had her in the pheasant fields she'd bust the brush and root those buggers out like nobody's business. She was a real strong female with a big barrel chest from swimming so much, and was over a hundred pounds. At the end of a hunt one evening when heading back to the trucks we noticed a harvester had been working a big field, so we knew for sure where'd we be in the morning. At first light a few of us took a couple hedgerows each, and the other guys went down further, picked up those hedgerows and started walking back towards us. Cheska always stayed close, in fact sometimes I'd have to force her to work out a little further. There was no brush to bust now because the harvester had done it's job the night before. There was only some little taller stuff on the hedgerow that we were working and it was a breeze for her to work it. We hadn't walked long when all of a sudden Cheska locks up on point! I couldn't believe it! Like usual I wasn't far away so she easily heard me say "good girl....stay." I yelled over to Bill who was over on another hedge not far away to check out Cheska and I waved him over. As he slowly walked over Cheska was rock solid as I just repeated to her a few more times...."good girl, stay." Finally when Bill was next to us I told her to "GET IT! and she made one jump and a hen jumped up. She watched it sail off without a shot from us. She gave me "the look" as it must have been odd for her wondering why we didn't shoot? All I could do was run over to her and wrap my arms around her telling her how good she was! Up until then she had never pointed a bird...why should she? She was a retriever. We kept on walking and in about another 150 yards or so, to my surprise, she locks up again. Instant replay of what happened a few minutes earlier. But this time when Bill came over a rooster flushed, she stayed on shot, and got to retrieve "her" bird. Over the next couple hours or so Cheska pointed around 6 birds or so for Bill and me, and we had our limits. She held steady on each one, like she'd been doing it her whole life. What a joy that day was! My retriever was now a pointer too, and I never taught her to do that!

    All I can say is I think the reason she started pointing when given the chance was because of the openness of the field and the way she was trained.....meaning to WAIT on anything she thought was good. It started as a pup with her food or a treat, then when I threw a toy, then the dummy, then when the gun would go off, bird would fall, or I'd stop her to give her a hand signal to where she knew I'd send her towards the direction of the bird, etc... All the things that she really enjoyed she knew all she had to do was wait for me to send her. So I guess when she smelled those pheasants sitting there it was just second nature for her to wait on me.

    Boy I miss that dog. My yellow is now on his last legs I'm afraid to say. He's been a good boy but I never trained him the way I did Cheska. My fault. So I'm in the early stages of thinking about another bird dog. Don't know what I'll get. I sure love "cod's" munsterlander "Nova". My Dad had GSPs. I've always loved labs and chessies, but I really don't have a clue right now.

    Oops….sorry I got so long winded......again. You just brought back a great old memory....Thanks!
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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      Pointing is a controlled state of confusion at first. They know that if they move it flushes. A very smart retriever who isn't a natural pointer will do just as you described. She knows that without you there will be no retrieve so she waits for you to shoot it for her. I have only seen a few retrievers that figured that out. She had to be a good one. My old friend Kevin had a Golden that would do that same thing and he was also very smart.

      I like those Musterlanders too! Roy is three and Cora(Deutsch Kurzhaar) just turned one. They may see me through until I can't hunt anymore.....but I'll go until I can't!


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