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Pigeons , ducks, and grouse oh my...

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  • Pigeons , ducks, and grouse oh my...

    Getting a lab here in about 2 weeks . It will be the second dog I have trained for waterfowl hunting . I know I’m months out but just trying to put a feeler out for someone who may have frozen birds they want to sell or give away. My last dog I raised ducks for and I may have to again. However, I really don’t enjoy raising fowl when I’m not even going to eat them and would rather spend time and money training my dog instead cleaning up shavings, filling water , feeding etc . I have seen some offers on here from years ago and don’t want to overstep my boundaries and cold call. I live in Fairbanks and would be willing to travel as far as delta . Thanks guys , hope you all have a fine winter as we wait for September to be here .

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    I usually end up with some extra training birds. Dead ones would be worth a couple beers. Look up the Fairbanks Retriever Club if you want some serious training partners for you and your pup. Theyll have birds too.



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      Thanks Tom . It would be great to learn from some seasoned dog trainers . You can only read Walters and dokken so many times Ill have to bring the up out in March to a training session.


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