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WARNING!! BOG upland birds/dogs prop March 13-17, 2015

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  • WARNING!! BOG upland birds/dogs prop March 13-17, 2015

    Southcentral Region – March 13-17, 2015
    Comment Deadline: February 27, 2015 ACR Deadline: Januaury 12, 2015
    Location: Anchorage - University of Alaska Anchorage Student Union

    Prop 194: Prohibit the use of hunting dogs for taking upland birds after October 31st in the South Central Region Units.

    I think this prop is terrible, and I support my fellow South Central bird doggers. I would hate to see this pass and end up in the interior where I hunt. If you hunt upland birds over a gundog, you need to fight this! You can comment online.

    Stolen from a South Central friend:

    For Southcentral Alaska upland hunters using bird dogs. There is a proposal #194 before the Board of Game during the upcoming March meetings that requests a restriction on using dogs for upland hunting after October 31st. The author of the proposal, Al Barrette, justifies the proposal to eliminate birddogs being caught in lawful traps during trapping season. The proposal is poorly constructed, even if it had any merit, which it does not and it would seem the BOG would see this for what it is and reject it rather quickly. Never the less, it seems very appropriate for those of us who do hunt all season with our bird dogs to voice objection, either in written form or at the March 13-17, 2015 BOG meetings.
    Have no idea who Mr. Barrette is and my first thought was this was an anti-hunting proposal but the wording “lawful traps” suggests this may be a trapper who had a bad experience with a bird dog. If it was it is a very rare occurrence. Most dog/trap incidents are cases where someone has set traps in or close to residential areas or well used trail heads, etc… where any dog could be caught and most are simply family pets out for a walk or perhaps running loose. It seems bird dog folks here are very aware of trap issues, respectfully and with the safety of their dogs in mind, steer clear of traplines. There will always be some risk but to request a closure of five months of our season as a means of illuminating the possibility is ridiculous and obviously would only apply to hunting with dogs, not skiing with, hiking with, or snow shoeing with any dog. The proposal is so ridiculous it hardly seems worth worrying about but…stranger things have happened and better to voice your objection so it is very clear to the BOG we don’t want such regulations.
    "If I could shoot a game bird and still not hurt it, the way I can take a trout on a fly and release it, I doubt if I would kill another one." George Bird Evans

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    Yes, it appears that Mr. Barrette is a trapper, and owns a tannery in Fairbanks. Seems very one sided & unfair to try to propose to prohibit bird dog hunting like that, and especially when you are a trapper...


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      I am passing this on to the forum from a friend who is a F&G employee

      Hunting Dogs & Board of Game Proposal

      I'm trying to send this email to as many "dog sport" enthusiasts, hunting dog folks without starting a public panic. So, please distribute to your memberships and to your dog friends as you feel appropriate.

      Important proposal that will be voted on in March. We as dog, training people cannot afford to sit back and ignore this.

      I work with Dept Fish & Game. This is a board of game year. Board of Game makes our regulations for hunting & trapping.

      There is a proposal on the table from a trapper in Fairbanks that is asking for regulation that, if passed, will eliminate the use of hunting dogs after Oct 1 with small game. I realize this would not mean much to duck season. But, think of what this could mean to training with live ammo in the winter. Think about going hard, ptarmigan, grouse hunting during years like this one when we don't have snow.

      Dog groups must rally and stop this proposal. The trappers cannot be allowed to get this passed.

      I think all dog clubs need to unite, whether it is hunting dogs or just pets. Enough trail systems have been taken away. We can stop this, but we as a collective group may need to get into the proposal business for counter proposals. This proposal is only for Region II. That is all of Anchorage to Prince William Sound, Cordova, Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak.

      I can't be involved because I work for DFG. The meeting is at UAA in March



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        I would imagine this is an isolated case. One trapper having issues with dogs interfering with his trap line. A case of multiple users sharing the same resource area. This is the age of population expansion and the privatization of our resource areas. We are all going to face this issue.
        I am curious as to how many stray unmonitored pet dogs get into traps compared to hunting dogs. Also, in the way that I train and hunt. My dogs are within 30 to 40 yds If they were to get into trouble I'm close by. With this being said, I'm not saying it doesn't happen(gun dogs getting trapped), just a way less percentage than those of unmonitored pet dogs on an overall state average. Which this rule change would only address gun dogs not the pet dogs.
        I'm not pinpointing motive here but asking bird hunters to end their season early so that trappers can have theirs uninterrupted is rather vague.
        Baron Rea


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          Thanks for sharing this. I will pass it on to the ABDA group....they may already be aware.

          How about another proposal....think conservation....hunting upland game birds without a dog should be illegal... Water fowl too for that matter. Less people would hunt since they don't have a dog so less pressure on birds. Less lost game over all. More pleasure in hunting with a dog.

          Maybe a bit facetious there but my guess is it would save a few lost birds. I know My dogs have found dead and wounded birds that likely would have been found with a dog. I realize that even with dogs a few are lost but not as many.
          i really do not want to take away the right for anyone to hunt. It makes no sense to allow hunting but not allow the dog.


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            Proposal 194 was done in retaliation for proposal 180. There are a whole bunch of us around the state working on this, but you'll need to write a letter to the BOG. I'm still hoping the author will withdraw 194, but it may be too late.


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              As stated in the small game forum. Bird Hunters and trappers have one common enemy here. His name is Ken Green. He is threw the Bird Dog guys under the bus to get traction on his proposal. With out angry dog hunters his proposal has no traction. Mr Green has pitted your group against trappers. Trappers, with very little time to react, did what they felt was needed to protect their rights. Trappers and bird Dog guys have gotten along for years and will continue to do so. That is, unless you let Mr Ken Green speak on your behalf and drive a wedge between us. I can assure you this, defeat Mr Green and the Trappers will drop their proposal. I can also assure you that Mr Green is not a friend of any consumptive user and would end your rights to suit his agenda. Simple fix, shake hands with a Trapper, team up and let Ken Green know that he isn't welcome in our fraternity.


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