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  • German shorthair advice

    Im picking up my germain shorthair pup in about 2 weeks, looking for some training advice or a local to wasilla trainer for gun dogs. Thanks in advance

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    I have used "gun dog" and "water dog" successfully for many dogs. A good guide for training by yourself.


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      Originally posted by dieNqvrs View Post
      I have used "gun dog" and "water dog" successfully for many dogs. A good guide for training by yourself.
      I second this. Both books are by Richard Wolters. I trained the best dog I've ever had using these books. But the best advise I can give you is.....the more time you put into your dog the better he or she will be. And when I say this I mean LOTS of time. If you want a good dog you just can't skimp....
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        Thanks guys, i will look into those books


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          What kind of hunting do you want to do with the dog? If you want to do upland, waterfowl, and a bit if tracking, the local chapter of The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) has a really nice website. They have a book, a DVD, and a club full of folks that love to train and hunt. The club would be a great way to find some folks that will be training pups this summer.

          Good luck!


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            I really like the breed. I've had 2 over the years. One was an extremely large male 90-100lbs that the breeder said would never amount to anything. We took him anyway and he turned out to be the best one of the litter. We operated a guided pheasant hunting operation and he got lots of field time. He could go all day, but yet very mellow and mild mannered.

            The second was a prototypical female, small, strong - willed and hyper. She was a real handful but also a great field dog.

            Good luck and enjoy your new pup!


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              Im not sure what your overall goals are with your dog but I would recommend getting hooked up with Greatland NAVHDA Chapter and/or the Arctic Bird Dog Association. Greatland does all levels of training and ABDA offers puppy classes. Both organizations have been extremely helpful with training my GWP. If you want more info please feel free to give me a call 231-1558. Below are the links to both pages.




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                I hope you won't miss your drywall. Mine had separation anxiety, tore the drywall out by the back door. Kennel them when you leave. She is now 10 and it is not as bad.
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                  I second what all have said about getting involved with NAVHDA and Arctic bird dog. Also I would recommend the perfect start and perfect finish DVD by Jon Hann. The program is easy on the dog and very successful. It works with all temperaments.


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                    May I ask where are you getting your pup? We are looking for a black with white flecked chest german shorthair. Our male is getting up in age and was a rescue. We are in Wasilla also. Thanks in advance.


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                      Perfect start and perfect finish is a great DVD set, but you will need LOTS of pigeons. Hook up with your NAVDA chapter.
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                        Did you get the pup home?


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                          The operative word with any pup is fun! Everything must be fun. After awhile you will need to introduce the pup to birds. That needs to be fun as well. Besides proper bonding and good basic training, there are three things that are important to making a great bird dog. Listed in order of importance: 1. Birds 2. Birds 3. More birds.

                          Have fun on your grand adventure. You two are going to have a blast!



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