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  • stick in the eye

    Was running my son's springer and my chocolate on Saturday and the springer (Kenai) put a stick in his eye and we had to have it removed. I was afraid I ran over his head with the truck. We were out the glenn a hundred miles and it sure sucked driving back to anchorage to the vet. Sure is hard when you think of your dogs like they are family.

    No more running the dogs with the truck for me - I'll have to get my lazy arse out and go with them.

    He is doing good now and is mostly back to his normal self except for that cone on his head!

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    That had to be a freak occurrence. I always let mine run ahead of me so I could watch him. Did they save the eye or did he lose it?
    Live life and love it
    Love life and live it


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      Was the stick removed or his eye???


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