Water retriever training in Anchorage and a.m. Training



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  • Water retriever training in Anchorage and a.m. Training

    Any place in Anchorage or base to work my retrievers? How about a training group or partner for the morning hours?

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    There is a small lake with a dock, I think it's called Sand Lake on the grounds of Kincaid Ski Park. Nice lake, nice area. If it's not busy (as in the mornings) there is plenty of room to run a dog both on ground and out in to the water. Drive down Raspberry from Minnesota (err Wally Hickel Parkway now) and turn right on the dirt road just before or after the park entrance-I forget which.

    Another option is Jewel Lake. Ample parking, but has a steep bank. No place to do drills on grass. Has a new floating dock. Drive west on Dimond from Minnesota and it's on the right after you pass Jewel Lake Road.

    Of the two, Sand Lake is the better option, in my view.


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      The lake at Kincaid is Point Campbell lake. It was call beer can lake then little Campbell but the name now on maps is Point Campbell. The just did a beach restoration project there and limited the beach to a small area by the dock. The rest of the shoreline is very boggy. Not allot of area to work a dog.

      Sand lake has access behind Sand lake elementary school on Jewel lake road. There is not allot of lake access but there is a large ball field at the school. I often work my dog at the field then go to the lake for some water time.

      Jewel lake has access of Jewel lake road (west on 88th) There is a large grassy area to work a dog and lots of beach. Early in the morning it is usually vacant.

      Conners bog dog park has Conners lake. It is about mile walk to the lake but has little good shoreline to work a dog.

      University dog park has University lake but little open shoreline

      If you train in an area that is not an off-leash dog park, you should be familiar with the Anchorage leash laws. It has allowances for training off leash and implies that an e-collar is equal to a leash.


      I may be interested in a little training time but am limited to evenings and weekends. If interested or have other questions, give me a call at 250-5823


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        I'm always looking for a training partner.


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          Not sure how to pm using my ipad, but would like to start training some more with another person. Message me and we can see if our times work out.


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