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    We are looking for different ways to transport 2 labs from the Anchorage area to the west suburbs of Chicago without personally driving there. Does anyone out there have any personal experience in this endeavor? One of the dogs is very kennel shy, so flying them might not be the best option. Drugs may be the answer though. Thanks

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    How long do you have before they depart?
    If you have time, you might try doing some positive reinforcement training with the kennels.
    As far as transporting, I am sure there is more than one pet transporter in the area, as heavily populated as it is. I have never used a transporter, but if I did I would definitely look for lots of good references to determine the company I chose.
    If you need help in the 'kennel training', I'd be happy to assist with more info. The big thing, of course, is getting the dog comfortable and relaxed about the proposition of going into a kennel. There are a number of ways to do this, time and patience are paramount.

    drugging may be an option - I'd talk to a vet about the pros and cons of that.

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      I know you didn't sound too impressed with the idea of flying them, but you might look into shipping them on Alaska Air Cargo. Because there is a direct flight from ANC to Chicago, it wouldn't be very long for them, especially for the nervous one. You might also try a ride-share sort of thing on Craigslist, but that comes with any number of potential issues.

      Some kind of sedative and shipping on Air Cargo would be my bet. Good luck!


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        Depends what you mean by sedative, benadryl & dramamine have worked for me in the past. But I would try it a couple times before you travel.


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          The dogs belong to my daughter who is starting dental school in Illinois. They are currently living on a friends mini farm out in the Valley as my job in Anchorage involves variable hours not conducive to pet ownership. I believe the drugs and that Alaska Air Cargo flight is the way to go. I am very familiar with that flight, step on here step off there 5.5 hours later. Thank you all for the suggestions and offers of help.


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            I use Pet Priority Program with Alaska Airlines all the time. Just got back with 2 dogs last night. It works for me.
            They do need to be kenneled with that program.
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              Something to think about is ambient temperature in Chicago. If it is too hot, they wont ship them. Also, see your vet for the proper sedative.


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                A couple other things to think about and remember, make sure dogs have current vet papers stating they are fit to fly. I believe they are good for 1 month from date of exam. You will need to send them freight unless you or someone else will also be flying and if that's the case it will be MUCH cheaper. When I had sent my dog back to the Midwest I would take one of those water bowls that attach to the side of the travel kennel and freeze it full of water. No mess and the dog can lick on the ice if they get thirsty. Good luck
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