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Aversion in retrieving.

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  • Aversion in retrieving.

    I've had a few conversations with Ed Frawley (until I wore him out with questions and he passed me on to staff) and he's no fan of traditional retriever training. In his opinion Lardy and his ilk are just creating tools not working companion dogs. He helped me think more about retraining my life long dog and the rescues we have taken in with major issues. His kennels primarily train protection dogs but he's had a lot of good advice about when and when not to use pressure/punishment. This little video reminded me of retrievers that creep to the line, blink birds, run away from pressure and the handler wonders why they can't MAKE the dog take the cast or mark the bird then they add more pressure. I like these videos for a different take on dog training.

    So substitute "Jumps" with "retrieve" and "treats" with "play, verbal reward, happy bumper" . I don't think it's too much of a stretch

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