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    anyone have them or use them???

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    From what I've seen they aren't that numerous in Alaska. I've only worked a handful of them. They train like most goldens but flat coats tend to be a bit "softer" for corrections. So a different training technique is necessary.
    Baron Rea


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      It really depends on the line you get I liked them , same as Baron but flatboats are not as varied between show and field. You train them like a flatboat not like a Lab. Find a breeder who is passionate about that. I lived and trained with 8 of them in1985-87.


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        My last dog was a Flat Coat that lived 9 1/2 years. It was a pure blood out of Fairbanks. Gwinny-vere was a wonderful dog and companion that would do double blind retrieves trained by Rich Burris (Delta Junction) that had an awesome nose and was SUCH a sweety. She got cancer and died.

        I should of had pups with her but there was a condition on her pedigree that she had to win two titles. She would have been a great mom though and with a cross breed (this is a hunting dog) with a golden or a yellow lab maybe, the pups would have been awesome.

        Flat coats are so cool. Prior to Gwinny, I had a Flat-Coat/Golden Retriever mix. I met both parents and we all lived in Lansing, MI. (1982). Her name was Skye, and she was totally awesome. Both were a nice medium sized dog. Skye lived 12 years and had to be put down. Her sweet spirit still hunts the ducks, geese, snipe and grouse of the Goose Bay Refuge where she is buried.

        I cannot think of the ladies name (again) in Fairbanks that breeds Flat Coats, but if I wanted one again, I'd not hesitate to get one of hers. This time I'd spend the time to get her qualified.

        Now, after 3 years w/o a hunting dog, I have a female French Brittney. She is 14-weeks old and hoe-boy! She is different than a retriever.... Aloof, stubborn, taz-like. I need counseling.... Actually, we have just begun..I take her to work with me frequently..she drives my wife NUTs though because she is a different manner of dog than we have had.

        If you have had retrievers I think you will really like the Flat Coat. They are smarter than the over bred others and a bit more thoughtful and softer than they are. You couldn't hurt a labs feelings. You need to be a bit more thoughtful with the FC. They are rather clownish at times but not stupid. A great dog. I never heard of a bad one.
        That country was so hungry even the ravens were packin' a lunch.... HUNGRY I tell ya'!!


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          Lori Mihm-Kunz in Fairbanks used to breed Flat Coats, but not sure if she still does. Her kennel name is Artic Sun (that's not a typo). The Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America has breed info, etc. - http://www.fcrsainc.org/famousfcrs/field.html


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            Yep! She's the lady! Great dogs.
            That country was so hungry even the ravens were packin' a lunch.... HUNGRY I tell ya'!!


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              Love that breed! Would consider them but am in GWPs for now.


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                I was at a hunt test in AZ a while back, quite a few flat coats, they did well. Bud


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