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New fourrivers layout duck boat

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  • New fourrivers layout duck boat

    If anyone is interested I have posted one for sale in the swap and sell section.
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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    If it was a few years old and half the price, I would be over. Saw it on CL a while ago. With only 10 minutes in the water, you can't have much experience with it and its capabilities. Is it stable enough for a dog to move around and how many people is there room for. Bud


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      Here is the link to the manufactures website.

      Bud, from what I have read on several other duck hunting forums, these are great boats for one guy and a dog. The website explains how a dog is to be used while hunting. This boat is slightly wider than a MoMarsh DP and the boat is extremely stable.

      With the narrow stern you do have to pay attention in the turns when using a long tail. They tend to slide and sink a little so you have to slow down just a little or not make 90 deg sharp turns.


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        it says its only rated for 2 hp, so i imagion a 100 lb plus long tail would be a bit much for it. Bud


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          While I wouldn't do it, there are a bunch of guys who run 5-6 hp long tails on their 4rivers and Momarsh DP's. They seem to be hunting shallow flooded fields. I don't hunt anywhere I'd feel safe enough to run that kind of risk.

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