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  • Not familiar to this territory yet...

    I know back home, ducks would rather sit in ponds in wooded areas or pot holes in the prairie. Up here, where would I be able to find the ducks at and should I even bother with decoys?

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    Since you are in Cordova you are in some of the best duck hunting AK has to offer. Search on here for posts made by Ring King. His photo series will provide a great deal of info about where to hunt down there.

    Decoys will help get the birds close enough to take a look.

    Get a small river boat to get out from the road and hunt some sand bars and side sloughs. Watch out for bears looking for fish.


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      like AK Ray said, you are in an awesome spot for duck hunting. There are some sea duck oportunities there too. Decoys are a must for them.
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