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  • Visiting, please help.

    My wife and I are making the trip to alaska to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We will be staying in Soldotna (sp?) We will be doing the fishing thing for a few days. We will have three day to do what we want. We duck hunt here in ohio and have traveled to 8 other states to hunt. We were looking to get out for a day. I would like to get a Barrows Glodeneye. I know they won't be colored out, but it's not a big deal to me. What ever works out. We were hoping to maybe tag along with someone for a day. (will buy lunch and help with gas money.) If not, we are renting a truck and a canoe for the week and we'll give it a shot. We will have our our guns, ammo and waders. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your considaration. Dan

    P.S. We'ed be willing to drive an hour and a half or so to meet someone to hunt.

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    Dan o
    congratulations on 25 yr of wedded bliss... Sorry can't help you on the water fowling, I'll be after 4 legged game... /John


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      should probably give the dates of when you will be here or atleast month
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        We will be up there the first week of Sept. 5th thru 12th. thanks


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          you might do a search on here for "homer" or "sea duck" and send some messages to the folks who know a little about hunting down that way.... the Kenai NWR might also be good that time of year, but you'll need to find someone with a boat to take you out
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            I don't know if he is guiding that time of year, or has any available spots but you might get a hold of Buck Brown down there. He guides out of seldovia for sea ducks. Which is just a 15 min flight from homer.
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