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Whats the best inflatable decoys?

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  • Whats the best inflatable decoys?

    Do you know whats the best type of inflatable decoy on the market and are roboducks legal in Alaska?

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    dont know about the best inflatiable decoy but yes robo ducks are legal
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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      Robo ducks legal, and I don't think the word "best" could be used to describe any inflatable decoy.


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        [QUOTE=Lapaiki39;48381]Do you know whats the best type of inflatable decoy on the market and are roboducks legal in Alaska?[/QUOTE

        I remember a brand of inflatable rubber Decoys we sold at the old Gary King's Sporting Goods store called Deeks.
        They rolled up real small, you could carry 24 in the back of your hunting vest. They had a metal ring at the base that would hold the bottom of the rubber decoy open when you'd set your decoys, you'd blow a little bit of air in to the bottom of them and as you'd set them in the water the weight of the metal ring would hold the air lock under water trapping the air inside to inflate the decoy. This would keep them afloat. We always has real good results using them.

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          Thanks for your help! That's exactly what I'm looking for. I think they would be good to pack into hard to get at areas



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            I would have to say that the featherlites are actually really nice decoys. I didn't think I would like them, but a buddy and I bought a several dozen this year for running the rivers here on Kodiak, and they're great. Look GREAT, EASY to carry, have AWESOME movement (in heavy or light wind) and they stick to the water. They seem very durable (dogs has retrieved a couple while putting them out) and seem to be fine even now in 10 deg temps. Price not bad. We even put a few dozen out with standard deks while out in the boat in the bay, adds relistics movement. I'm definetly getting a few more for next year. Looks like they've got Mallards, Teal (green and blue), woodys and Canadas and feeders. I've seen Pintails in pics but haven't found were to buy them yet. I give them two up.
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              I agree the featherlites do work well and are really lite and easy to pack in I can put a few dozen in a backpack without hardly knowing they are there. They also blow up really easily and are weighted on the bottom.
              Have used other inflateables before but never any as good as the featherlites.


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                I can't seem to find the mallards anywhere, I looked at macs and they don't have them. Even went to Cherokee-sports website and have been unable to find them. Thanks for you help, I agree the featherlites are the best looking and most realistic on the market


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                  How would you keep a Robo duck decoy from being carried off my eagles? Seriously!! Over here if you down a duck you had better get there fast because if the eagles see them, they are GONE!

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                    I got my featherlites from cabellas im sure they still sell them. if your familliar with the famouse duck commander from arkansas he promotes them. Never had an eagle try to attack my robo have had them steal my downed birds though I dont know maybe they are just smart enough to know the difference.


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                      Found a few on e-bay for a great price!!! Thanks for the info guys


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                        We use feathlites as well and they do rock somthing fierce - I love em


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                          DuraDuck Decoys

                          I hunted ducks in Montana for 30 years with my grampa and he had a bunch of Duraducks. Rubber self froming/inflating. Light, compressable. The were concave on the bottom. When you set them on the water they floated on a pocket of air. Man they would move around at the slghtest hint of a breeze or current. Not sure if you can get them anymore. His had all the paint wore off them but it didnt matter. It's about how you set em out. All those big hard plastic pretty painted deeks probably draw in more hunters than ducks.

                          Huh, here's one on ebay.

                          Now I'm taking a walk down memory lane. I can still smell them duraducks, a wet chessie, gunpowder, a dead mallard and a cup of coffee. Rest in peace Grampa.

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                            Sounds like the deeks mentioned above


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                              Only inflatable coyote decoy

                              This decoy can be seen on you tube and ebay



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