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  • Eagle River DU Banquet

    The ER DU banquet is coming up on saturday November 4 at 5:30pm at the ER Lions Club. If any of you would like to attend they should be able to take people at the door.

    For tickets call Marc Lind at 244 4503 or Russ Krafft at 230 5323

    Single $55
    Couple $85
    Sponsor $280
    Couple sponsor $310

    I forget what the greenwing price is for kids. Cost includes the annual DU membership and the price of the meal. There will be lots of raffles and auction stuff going on.

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    How'd it go

    I missed it, couldn't get a date... yadda yadda, then I got ill.

    My Daughter worked with the LEO Lions serving food - hopefully they did well. She said it was packed, then i was bummed I missed it.



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      The lions did OK. They plan for about 200 people and they served at least that many. We had quite a few walk ins and folks that came with friends and bought tickets at the door.

      The setup went smoother than last year and the take down was even quicker. In all a good showing of people and some big spenders as well. The other events were reporting lower than usual numbers of attendees, but this appeared to be the normal amount of people for the Eagle River event.


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