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  • Southeast AK Hunt

    Got back this weekend from Southeast AK duck, deer, bear hunt.
    Lots of mallards and geese in the areas we hunted. Our party did respectably well on mallrds. Kenworth the 1yr old Chocolate lab got some great expeerience on all types of retrieves as well as training in the blinds. He also pointed a Blue grouse on the beach and held until it flushed! Buddy got one deer and I got a nice brown bear...charging, first shot at less than 25 feet, 2nd shot less that that. Bear died 10 steps from where I was standing and dove head first into a beaver pond for good measure. I've always said the bear always gets the last laugh!
    Can't wait until next year to do it all over again...except I have to wait 4 years for another bear in that area
    Glad to be back with the family and good to hear all the reports on the forum.
    Happy Hunting!

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    Which city in Southeast - heard it's been raining in that area *LOL*


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      and then over to Admiralty Island for a week....yes there was daily rain and wind, except for the last 2 days when it got clear....I was told they have snow on the ground was 2/3 of the way down the mountians when I left.


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        Good friend just returned from the trip of his life on Prince of Whales Island - horrible wx but great animals.


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          Did you get any honkers here in Juneau? HOW!!!?!?!?!?
          I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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            we had a couple of outside chances that didn't materialize...
            In the past, we have had pretty good luck with geese down there, some by pass shooting, some by decoying.
            On the Mendenhall Wetlands, the best times I have had with geese have been:
            High tide on the Engineer's Cutoff side of the Mendenhall river, out in the last stumps/driftwood. I use a small canoe or boat to go downriver and pre-set the dekes and wait on the water. Usually get the shooting as the tide comes in, some at flood stage, not as much on the outgoing. Time it right and you can go upriver whild the water is still in and make it much eaisier on yourself.

            Same type of luck applies to most of the grassy islands between the dike and the channel...get there before the water, preset the dekes and wait on the water....just be sure to take lunch and a thermos of coffee...and hunt the incoming, flood and out going...gotten losts of geese that way, they are usually low on the deck and fly right over or between the islands. I have always had a dog for retrieving, but a float tube works well too.

            The other factor that has been helpful is the wind...really windy days seem to keep the birds flying low around there.

            Another area that is usually productive is around the mouth of the Mendenhall near the point of Engineer's cutoff. The birds, both ducks and geese really like the green stuff that is exposed at low tide down there, and the geese usually will be there and leaving just at shooting light. If you can get down there in the dark and as far out as possible without spooking them, you can get some flyovers as they head back to Auke Lake. The downside is that there is probably nothing but mud down there and hiding spots are hard to come by...laying in the muck just isn't that much fun!

            Good luck and hope some of this helps.


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              Clearly I need dekes (stupid money)
              I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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