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cordova ducks and geese

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  • cordova ducks and geese

    I am looking for info on hunting cordova next year. I was told some great stories about the bird numbers over there. Is a do it yourself guy without a boat able to go over there and find a good spot to hunt to get into the birds like a pull over and hike in to flats deal. Someone told me out by the airport. I have never been to cordova but im interested in looking around to other areas of the state for a change of scenery and maybe a better chance at getting into geese. I was told the ferry ride from whittier with the truck is a good choice to get over there with all your gear. Might try a 3-4 day exploration trip next year. If anyone has some info or can help me out please feel free to PM me

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    twodux is from Cordova, but I'm not sure he checks in here anymore. I sent him a pm a while back and haven't heard a word from him. I'm moving to Cordova in January and he was very helpful to me with previous questions that I had.


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