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  • Black powder ducks

    I need your help .I 'am interested in what you all have to say about hunting ducks with blackpowder.First off with modern ammo i do fair on the ducks .But when it comes to black powder it is a whole differant game.I have done a lot of expermental with steel and found some that shoot paper very well .The load i have been triing the most on ducks is 105 grains of pyrodex 1 1/8 oz of #2'or#4 steel a BP ranger plus wad out of my pedersollie(cabelas).Itseems to pattern very well out to 30 yards.Mainly i hunt over decoys so 30 yds and under is what most of my shooting is .I have shot at over 40 or 50 ducks and not been able to kill yet.Is it the steel is just not having enough velocity or do i need to shoot hevishot or one of the other alternatves any help is appreciated .

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