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15th Wasilla report

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  • WildManWiles

    You're talking about the Palmer Hay Flats, is that where you've seen all of these ducks?

    I was there on saturday morning, right at the slough and didnt see anything flying. Where abouts are you seeing all these flyers?

    I'll be checking it out again on Tuesday the 17th. Any tips on where to find em would be greatly appreciated...

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  • philobeddoe
    started a topic 15th Wasilla report

    15th Wasilla report

    Ended up with 14 in which 13 were Greenheads let the Hens go. Saw about 800 plus yes estmate 800 Mallards comming off the flats this morning unreal. We had no wind slight haze good visability zero Geese again those Mallards would run just a couple of miles inland and get shot at and go back to the guys on the flats. We had a tad of ice along the edges today and these Mallards came from upnorth more today then yesterday.
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