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  • Delta waterfowl vs DU

    I have been hunting waterfowl for 10yrs in the interior. I have recently attended both banquets (DU and Delta). There was some shady stuff pulled by one of the outfits. There must be a huge rivalry between the two. I believe both are good for the waterfowl. DU conserves mass amounts of wetlands for the birds, but they are turning more and more into greenis than looking out to preserve hunting for the next generation. On the other hand Delta is doing its part as well, by educating (ie. student loans for waterfowl biologists), predator control, supporting hunters not just duck hunters but they fight for every hunter), and not to mention they do there fair share of conservation, and they get there ideas into local fish and game boards on the outcome of there research. Which do you prefer and why. I will give you the rest of the story after some responses to the thread.

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    Them vs Them

    Delta kills baby critters and their mommas and anyone that dare question them about their "rabid" predator control stance gets a beat down.

    DU wants your 401(k) worse that the IRS does and their charter is "habitat for ducks" not hunters, hunting, or land access, and anyone that questions their work with anti-hunting habitat conservation organizations like the Nature Conservancy gets a beat down.

    My delta stuff has lapsed, but I slog along to a DU event when I have the time.

    Some years ago Delta and DU did a joint article about the hate and cleared things up as to what each organization's charter is focused on. However, Joe Six-Pack needs to be angry at something so he carries the hate forward against the wishes of the national level management.

    The animosity between the supporters of the two groups is some of the stupidist stuff out there. Having been standing behind a national level DU person when they were talking about this issue with a local foaming mouth anit-Delta person he said that there is not a national issue between the two but he keeps finding that local individuals keep the heat on just to show off some strange sense of loyalty to DU. This pissed the local mouth foamer off and he walked away.


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      Delta and DU

      I belong two both and on a committee for both. We need both, they do good in there own way. Its for the ducks not ho's better! If your are a reel duck hunter and care about Ducks! You should belong to both Delta and DU.


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        Both organizations use their money to help the ducks. DU's money goes toward buying wetlands to preserve duck habitat. If the land isn't there the ducks won't be either.
        As for DU not supporting hunting....I can tell you that our entire family hunts and volunteers for DU. The majority of DU committee members are also avid duck hunters.
        If DU hadn't conserved all of the wetlands it has, there wouldn't be any ducks for people to hunt in those areas now.
        If you are from the Interior, you are probably familiar with the ponds at the back of Creamer's Refuge. Those ponds were dug courtesy of DU and they are available to hunters. Those ponds are quite crowded with duck HUNTERS every fall.

        We are also members of Pheasants Forever. That organization also purchases land for habitat.
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          Stop the hate and discontent. Give where you are moved to and leave the drama behind. Only 5 months to killing ducks.


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            Heck, I'm a member of both and i can't even hunt ducks here in Hawaii. We as sportsmen MUST get along or the anti's will pick us apart. Only 450 days till i rotate back to a flyway...


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              I belong to both. I think both are needed very much. They serve different purposes to both land conservation and hunters.

              I think most of the preferences are who is running the chapter locally. Do you like that person or not? I hate our local DU guy, just kidding Jim


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                Delta and DU

                Belong to both, as pointed out by others, they have different focuses but both are vital to our continued waterfowl hunting opportunities.
                Anytime there are national groups represented at local levels there are going to be instances where some individuals may not be hold the standard expected. One can always get involved and work to change such a situation.


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                  Well ....

                  When asked, DU chief would not raise a finger for the valued Jim Swan Wetlands waterfowl habitat in the Knik - even as the issue was under scrutiny and legislation evolving in Juneau. The response: "I really don't have the time." Now we are stuck with DNR ignoring recommendations from F&G and USFWS on concerns during staging and nesting periods, as well as habitat health - due to special interest politics. Anadromous fish waters have no protection in the Knik, let alone the high density waterfowl population.

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                    I belong to both also.
                    But there is no question that DU is gravitating away from conservative to liberlas values on the national stage.
                    On the local levels they are still hunters and outdoorsmen, but at the national level things are very different.

                    Just in the latest wildfowl there is a article talking about new anti-gun,anti-hunting legislation picking up steam in Canada and there are several organizations fighting it, one being Delta but DU is absent from that list.
                    If you go to the national and canadian DU websites and look up their stance on hunting it is a very vanilla view.

                    But DU does improve habitat and conserve alot of land and improves some folks hunting, for example the private leases I hunt every fall in Colorado. DU spent over $15,000 to improve a private mans hunting lease.


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                      I know people high up the food chain in both organizations and they both are very worthy. When I volunteer, I usually do something to raise money for DU and with Delta, I usually end up doing some actual work in the field.

                      There has been kind of a long-standing rivally between the two. DU doesn't like that Delta takes money away, while Delta is a little preturbed that they tend to pay the tuition and scholarships etc, for biologists who then end up working for DU.

                      Basically as was said we need both..



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                        i belong to both. joined delta 3 yrs ago. Been with DU since 1997.


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                          So I guess there is someone here that can give contact info.

                          Never heard of Delta, guess that proves I've been away working slope oil field too much.
                          Been member of DU for a long time, sounds like I want to join Delta.
                          Any one care to give contact info for them?
                          Also, don't know of local activities of either - just the fund raiser of DU.
                          I get notices each year. I made a couple years ago and I've been on slope last two years for everyone. Again, working too much!
                          Make the most of every situation you find your self in.


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                            I know they have a chapter in Soldonta and Delta Junction



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                              For those of you who are looking to raise money for local restoration programs. Delta gives the chapter 25% of the profits from the banquets held for the chapter. So if you are looking to raise money for refuges in your area contact Delta and get a chapter started. The people in the chapter commity can then consult and use the money were it deems useful.


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