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  • sneak/poke boat plans???

    Has anyone seen or heard of a sneek boat plan?? I was wondering if any waterfowlers out there have tried em out. i looked for some plans online but am not sure about em. They look good but the fact that i know what the water can do out there when I'm in a little lightweight boat beneath the water doesn;t reassure me. They seem fairly affordable to make and are lightweight to transport. Also, has anyone ever used black milk jugs for seaducks. this old guy swears they work just as good as "real" dekes.:cool:

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    I've never heard of the black milk jug dekes thing before:confused:. Maybe worth a try though. Definately cheaper than real dekes, maybe along with a few of the real ones.


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      Refuge forums for boat plans. As for the black milk jug trick. I never used it but hear it works ok. I would still put a few real deeks in there.
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        Sneak boat or layout boat?

        If you are in a boat that is beneath the water you are in a sink box which is not legal in the United States - no more than 1/2 your body can be below the surface by federal law. It sounds like you are asking about layout boats and not sneak boats. Two very different types of boats.

        The most common layout boat plans are the UFO plans. Marsh Monster is another set of plans, but I don't have a link to them. I do know that neither of these plans will result in what anyone would consider a "light weight" boat. Well, maybe an NFL lineman might consider them light weight.

        "Sneak boat" is a term used to cover a few different styles of boats.

        There is the KARA Hummer which is a shallow water, low profile boat that is paddled or poled.

        There is the Hybrid which is as small a boat as can be made with two pieces of plywood. It is really limited in its usefulness if you need a lot of gear and a dog, but it can be easily extended.

        Some folks say that any Barengat Bay sneak box style decked boat is a sneak boat. There are many versions of this boat from the cedar planked traditional "melon seed" sail boats to the Devlin Marine Designs series of duck boats.

        As for the milk jugs, bleach bottles or lobster trap floats work a little better because they are longer and more resemble the body of the bird. And yes they work to pull birds in for pass shooting, but you don't get many birds feet down in them.


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          Layout boats and homemade decoys

          Thanks for all the good info. I did mean layout boats although I have heard them called sneak boats. I just need something to hunker down in and give me some cover. i made a 12 hour canoe that took 24 hours but it was a canoe for a lake and didn't offer the cover a duck hunter needs. I'm just wondering if I should tackle another project, since i have a garage full of them(projects). I did try making some scoter dekes last year. i took a white 14" crab float and cut it in half, them i took some 3/4 plywood and made triangle keels and then i cut out some duck heads out of the plywood. i used liquid nails and a few screws to hold the heads and keels together. then black paint the whole thing and just a dab of orange on the beak and a white splotch on the wings. They worked good and drew in the birds for a passing shot ... I still had over five bucks a decoy just in materials--so i might a well get the "real" thing. After a few outings the paint wears off. i think the best value is to buy the hot buy mallards and make em whatever you want them to be.


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            When you said poke boat for duck hunting you had me going. I've got a poke boat, its 17 feet long very narrow and space for one person. There made in KY. I think.

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              silo sled decoys

              One of the most effective sea duck decoy systems are sillouette (silo or sillys) decoys mounted on a wooden sled or folding Y board.

              Here are some silly scoters on a plastic Y board that you can buy from someone out there in decoy land.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	silo v board 5 ward.jpg
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              I do not have a picture of the scoter sleds, but this post on one of the best tutorials out there. You may have to join the site to see some of the photos. Follow the rules when signing up for an account. They don't like all the monkey shines that goes on on some of the forums like the Refuge.


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