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Birds heading South...

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  • Birds heading South...

    Saw hundreds of geese up high and headed South from Anchorage today whild hunting the group of about 200 came down, but most were winging towards Kenai or beyond this morning. The ones that came into the Coastal Refuge were small, a little larger than mallards, but honking like Canada's...there are several sub-species of Canada Goose I know, not sure which one these were....didn't get close enough to get a sample

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    those would be cacklers if they were small not much bigger than mallards, waiting to see those geese come down here to kenai probably headed for chickaloon flats though. We had some snow geese move through here this morning. With these clear skies though they may just keep on going. Ganna hunt tomorrow morning hopefully get into them.


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      yep Chickaloon. one of the best places I've heard to hunt and a guy can't get to it but by plane mostly. the ducks and geese stack up over there and stay until hunters happen to show up or the weather drives them out. Of course they trickle out and move around and you have to be hunting when they pass through or you'll miss the show. It's been windy but not cold.
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        No Geese Or Ducks At Chickaloon Flats

        I've flown over there several times since the beginning of duck season, but haven't seen much of any large flocks yet. I was there today again with no luck. A few small flocks but you couldn't get to them.

        In past years, I've seen thousands over there at one time. No such luck this year....


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