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    I was wondering if anybody had bought and shot one of the new Remington 887 Nitromags. My brother is in the market for a Shotgun and I'm a firm believer in the Remington 870's. We went and looked and he likes he feel of the remington 870 better than anyother shotgun. But I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this new gun and what they thought of it he brought it to my attention and I hadn't hear anything about it. Plus duckhunters know the best info about shotguns



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    Did some research on the gun and alot of folks are talking about it trying to take over the Benelli Nova. Looks like a good pump if your into them but I would like to see it in a semi. If your into a pump then go for it and try it out. Its like anything you get what you pay for and in the long run its the same maker of the 870 which has been around forever and has withstood the test of time.. For 400 bucks for the black its a really good price not sure about the big mark up just for camo, I think you could probably get one dipped for cheaper than that..All and All if your into the pumps it may be worth it but I personally would like to see it in a semi or just go with the SBEII....good luck and let us know how it works out if you get it....Thanks


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      Yeah I couldn't believe the markup on the camo version 130 bucks


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        The venrable 870 is one of the best shotguns ever made. I dont see how you could go wrong with one. I dropped mine in 6" of water and a foot of mud when we were loading the decoys into the boat. I found it and opened the action and when we got out to deeper water i just took it by the barrel and rinsed it out as good as i could. I rinsed out the barrel as well. an hour later when it got light out i was shooting ducks with it. it is one tough gun!


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          All mentioned will be good.

          I have used the old remington 870 and own/hunt Browning pump and own / hunt with the Nova the last several years.
          I do not know anything of the new remington. The Nova is a gun that can be taken apart out in the field without any tools. That proved to be good after going under water a coulpe feet.
          All mentioned guns are great and will give more than a life time of service.
          Go with the one that shoulders the easiest and feels best to the hands that will be using it.
          Make the most of every situation you find your self in.


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            You said it the best...I believe you have to go with the gun that feels best despite brand. You have to at the least shoulder that gun before you purchase it, you can go with the big name brands but if it is not comfortable its just a waste. Recently I was really into the winchester SX3 after hearing some great things about it from a buddy whos son owns one and once I shouldered it the gun was out of the question so that really plays a huge part in my mind....good info


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              Thanks for the help guys, I took him and shouldered a lot of the guns. He feels the 870 is the best, but he didn't get to try out one of the new Remington 877. I just hadn't heard anything about them yet and was little interested.


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                The new Remington is a decent gun. I've shot one and it honestly felt a little too much like a toy for my tastes.

                I was a little put off by the goofy way the coated things. But the reason was to have a corrosion free gun. They already had this in the 1100 XCS, but I'm guessing sales were bad as it isn't in the catalog this year. Too bad, sweet gun.



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