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    Hey folks it's been a while since I have been on here but howdy to all waterfowlers and outdoorsmen and women!
    We have relatives that own a bed and breakfast in Valdeise I think that is how you spell it forgive me if I got it wrong.....

    Gonna have to make it up there to do some duck and Goose hunting anyhow just wanted to through out an invite to all.

    CALLERS FOR CHRIST (Invitation to join us!)

    We are a Duck and Goose calling ministry that primarily focuses on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Duck and Goose calling for the contest stage as well as for the field!
    But all game species are welcomed!
    If it is your area of expertise bring it to the table so we can all partake!

    We have plenty of great Champion callers and up and comings to help you along on the E-chapter Forum!
    The E-chapter forum has many great topics from Conservation, Calling Instruction, to Faith, Fins, Fur & Feathers!

    If you would like to join a State chapter you can check to see if we have one for your State and contact them through the web-site. Just click on State Chapters on the Home page you will find all current State chapter info there!

    We also have online Duck and Goose calling instruction w/audio in “Callers Corner” on the home page!

    We are currently sponsored by great friends such as: Buck Gardner Champion of Champions calls, Tim Grounds Championship Calls, North Sound Waterfowl, Getty’s Guide Service, Sportsmen for Christ, I.K.D Brotherhood of Waterfowlers, Calling Ducks.Com, C&S Custom Calls, MN and we are in membership with Washington Waterfowl Association.

    Our site is a great tool for the Conservation of Gods great outdoors, sharing faith in Christ and your sport with others or discovering it for your self!
    Come pay us a visit I would recommend taking a good look around read our Statement of faith in its entirety as well as captivating articles.
    I highly suggest you thoroughly enjoy yourself while you are there!!!
    Take your coat off and stay a while hang up your hat and kick up your feet and leave your doubts at the door but bring your calls, your love of God great outdoors and an open heart!

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    Good web site, I don't measure up to all that I read but that is what grace is for.
    Look me up when you get to alaska, maybe a duck hunt will fit in.
    Make the most of every situation you find your self in.


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