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  • Help - Geese Deterrent

    Hello Friends,

    Please help.......

    I have Lake front property and so that I have problem with geese. I want to safe my property by prevent them. Please help me. How can I stop them?

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    Call me a few days before the 1st of Sept so I can get your address, A friend and I will be honored to come and take care of that issue for you.....


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      Originally posted by ronball09 View Post
      I have Lake front property and so that I have problem with geese. I want to safe my property by prevent them. How can I stop them?
      Hogs, lots of hogs. Cows can work also. Or free range Lynx. I'll bet the geese are saying, "Wow, look "OUR" lake is getting infested with humans". Exxon offers a crude oil gunk, that works, but it only is available by the tanker. I am sure there is some chemical you can put on the grass, that will leach into the lake and poison the fish also.
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        You don't have a location so we can't tell where you are. If you are in the L48 states there is not much we can do to help you.

        Since there is not a huge park goose issue in Anchorage anymore I am assuming that you don't live in Alaska.

        There is an extract made from grapes that pest controlers use on lawns. It makes the grass taste nasty and keeps them from eating it down to the roots. They will still come ashore and leaving scat everywhere.

        In some places mute swans chase geese off. Pretty nasty birds I am told. Use the carrylight swan decoys off your beach and they may not come in. Might want to paint the bills to look like mutes though.

        Stuffed coyote or fox placed on sentry duty on the shoreline might work well.

        Geese don't like tall grass so let the first 10 to 15 feet of the shoreline grass grow up tall or plant some decorative grass that is taller than a goose. They want un restricted access to the water so if you just leave one or two narrow pathways to the water then they may not want to come ashore. Actually make a natural hedge row with scrubbery might be your best bet.


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