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  • Shot Size?

    I have mostly hunted ducks since the swithch to steel and used a size #2 steel shot. What do you all use?

    I have wanted to buy a box or two of shells for geese. What size seems to work well for this?

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    I like to use 4's, and 3's and I normally shoot the 3 inch shells. I haven't really got into to many geese, but I do carry some 3.5 inch shells with 2's for geese in case I get around some. I hunted with a guy that was using 2 3/4 shells with 4's on geese and he limited easy enough I think it really depends on how close they are decoying though


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      3 in. Kent Faststeel in #3's out of Rem. 870 with a modified choke for me. Doesn't always kill them dead but my lab prefers the lively ones anyways. The more pellets the better for me. I'd actually prefer shooting #4's up close but the mixed bag available here in September doesn't always allow for up close/in your face decoying so the #3's are a compromise for me.


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        Steel #2 with 3"mags, when ever possible, on Ducks and Geese. Ocean Ducks are sometimes as big as small Geese

        Its always good to share the hunt.
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          Originally posted by AK flyster View Post
          I have mostly hunted ducks since the swithch to steel and used a size #2 steel shot. What do you all use?

          I have wanted to buy a box or two of shells for geese. What size seems to work well for this?
          For ducks I use #3 3-inch steel through mid-November, then switch to #2's in 3-inch. Even at the cost of thinner patterns the high speed 1 1/8 oz 3" loads kill lots better. If the ducks are real skittery and jumping or passing further out I switch to #1's in 3 1/2-inch for extra reach. Out of my gun (Benelli Super Black Eagle) they give unbelievably tight patterns, and with about as many #1 shot as you get #2's in a 3-inch, they keep a dense pattern way out there along with lots more energy per pellet.

          For geese I greatly prefer #2 Kent tungsten matrix to any steel load I've tried, and I've tried most of them. They just kill big birds a whole bunch better. Since I don't shoot a whole lot of shots on a goose hunt, the extra cost isn't an issue. As a general rule I use 3-inch for smaller geese and 3 1/2-inch for big honkers. And here's the funny thing. I used #2 lead for geese back in the days of lead, and the tungsten matrix is actually a lot better. It patterns much better, seems to hit harder, and penetrates a whole lot better than lead ever did. Yeah, it costs an arm and a leg, but what price progress?
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            Kent #2 fast steel on ducks

            Kent #1 fast steel on geese, some like to use #2's but I have seen way to many geese wounded and carrying on way down range and dropping. chances are good that the hits were not good combined with lots of wind or it could have been the #2 size shot. In any case the yrs. I have been using steel #1 provides adequate penetration to kill any species of geese fat or skinny ones.

            Kent BB shot on geese on extreme windy days, hit em to close in then it turns the meat into darn near unedible table fare.

            I know Kent this and that but it is cheap......and very effective as steel goes, don't need to spend 25 bucks for a "Premium" box of 10 or............

            edit: strangerinstrangeland, that particular style of hunting is familiar, some do that here.......good for the younguns to learn.....over decoys. I like to get into a flyzone and camo up and use my callers and bring in them in range.....I preach to "shoot em when they fly, why do you figure God gave them wings?-give em a chance."


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              #2 steel in magnums does me well, as I dont take long shots, or hunt them on very windy days.
              The furthest I shoot , or let my kids shoot, is directly above the furthest dead geese I have set out there in the pict, as Decoys. Its my "Shooting perimeter"I just fill in the space closer to the blind (where the picture was taken from ) as I knock more down.Kinda brings 'em in...~LOL!~
              Nothing better than a Goose with a stick in its mouth to bring in more.

              The best "goose call" I own is my plain ol' mouth, but NOTHING beats a couple little Girls calling back and forth to each other...brings 'em in like hungrey kids to Candy.

              Flying Geese give the best presentation for a shot. I bust their wings and wring their necks, because im in it to eat. Cant be too close, as noted:rolleyes:

              I would like to try "Kent" where in Alaska do you get any??
              If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

              "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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                Kent shotshell

                been buying em over at Sportsmans for the last 3 or 4 yrs.......2 3/4" have been roughly bout 11.00 bucks a box.

                yep, the stick thing has done good for my boys too, now adults, one is now a marine in the 1st Med. Bat. in Iraq and the other is up in Kapurik working as a welders helper. My daughter who is 10 and next month 11 yrs. is anxious to hunt geese. I have a nice new HR single shot 12 gauge she shot last yr for practice and wants to use it this doing the stick routine as well with her and will enjoy this. I will take over when the table fare is skimpy

                I've used magnum shells and am justified when more pellets is needed like windy days but 2 3/4" works well most all the times.

                oh yea, purchased a Poly choke for my Beretta AL390 for like 49 bucks new off of Gunbroker, use to have one on my old Belg. Browning auto 5 many yrs. back and if I recall seemed to work out quite well. Will see how this gaudy looking screw on fares this coming season on snows.


                edit: that blind looks familiar, everytime I see it reminds of the many fine days in grandmas lake...shahunvuhn.


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                  I used 3'' #2 for ducks and BB or BBB for geese. Its all about letting them get close enough. No sky busting for me.


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                    I always used #4 and #3 shot but I wasnt getting consistant kills so this season I started using 3.5 shells and larger shot size like BB #1 and #2 shot and clean kills increased drasticly. Also I got a new choke a carlson choke tube it really works great, I noticed a decent range increase.


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                      For ducks I try to mimic #6 lead as much as possible. I dont shoot lead, before I am reminded that lead is illegal.
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                        #4 3" tunsten iron

                        spend the money on tungsten iron or shoot 3 or more shells of #2 steel on that goose!

                        It all depends on who your huntin with and how close you want the targets to come in. Say your huntin "partner" has a 3.5" gun loaded with 3.5 inch #2 steel and you have 3" number 2s, he/she has a little more bbs than you, so you load up with #4 tungsten. say the "partner" shoots at targets before they get into range and keeps doing it, go to tungsten iron.
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