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  • DIY Eiders possible?

    Ok guys, I'm hoping to check off eiders in my to do list. Personally I like to do the DIY type hunts and I know there is no such thing as "a sure thing" but just thinking logistically on my best bet to get some common and/or king eiders. I also don't really want to spend $4000 for a few day duck hunt in the Pribilofs. There are just better things I can do with that kind of money right now.
    Here's what I have. 3 Dozen oversized Golden eye decoys and access to 3 dozen eider decoys. I have a 24 foot skiff with protection from the elements, soon to build a layout boat, and a kayak. Cold weather gear and stuff are a given.
    One plan is to take the ferry over to Port Lions with boat, stay at a B&B and hunt out of there with my boat(s) where the water is protected much better than Kodiak in winter time where I can hunt. The other plan is to stage gear from the ferry or a friend on a crab boat to another spot such as Dutch Harbor, fly out for a few days and be limited to a kayak, a rental car and hunt beaches near the road system in protected waters. Staying at whatever no-tell motel available the end of December or January.
    Has anyone ever tried this? Not a lot of hope for one here in Homer, but just thinking of a good way to get one or two of those cool lookin' birds.
    If anything, I just need to go to Island X and wait for their last minute cancellations and capitalize on the deals they offer then.
    So tell me what y'all think. Thanks.

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    lets go

    I have been thinking about the same things. Shiping a zodak or renting a skiff when you get there. Dutch sounds like there are a few pacifics, and some black scoters. Could be fun!


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      Just got back from Kodiak 3 weeks ago

      Not sure this will help you, but we had a hard time getting out in the openwater to chase the Eiders. Winds were bad the time we were there. Port Lions would be a great place for Goldeneyes and Long Tailed ducks not sure about the Eiders. We didn't see any while we were there. Seems the Eiders like deeper water. Lay-out boats will work, just check the weather. Good luck!!!!


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        Weather is always a concern for me and I am not a afraid to call off a trip. I've seen eiders in the Port Lions vicinity, mostly Stellers (I know they're closed) but I know I saw one king right in the entrance to Kodiak. I have been in and out of that place A LOT in winter and know that it can get hairy, even on the Tustumena. Port Lions just gives a lot more protection and chance to chase other birds if opportunities in more open water are blown out.
        I still haven't completely ruled out somewhere along the chain since it occured to me that I have a salvaged boat that I repaired staged in one of my puddle duck spots. Just a 12 foot open fiberglass boat that needed some patch work and a paint job. I need a motor for it too.
        Anyway, duck hunting is what I live to do. All the big game critters are just something else to do when the birds aren't flying.


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          I have lots of questions about hunting around Homer.

          I see that your in Homer so I guess you have hunted every spot in the bay.
          I will be moving my 18 Ton boat down to a slip in Homer for hunting around Sept this year.
          Any info about hunting down there would be great. My main target is the back of the bay - Fox river.
          Make the most of every situation you find your self in.


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            You can shoot common eider's all day long on Pt. Barrow during the fall season. Their plummage isn't great but not bad and LOTS of action. You could go up for a long weekend, rent a car and drive to the Pt and camp. It's pass shooting and flocks of 3-400 birds are not rare.



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