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  • Browning A-5

    located an 50th Anniversary DU had 2 of them. One in 20 and other in 12 gauge. Asking 1100 and 1000 respectively. Guns are virtually new but only chambered for 2 3/4" shells. Are these adequate enough for pheasants?
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    more than enough

    Jason 2 3/4 is more than enough for pheasants. The A-5 is not the best auto out there though. I had one when I was growing up and loved it for goose and duck hunting, but once they came out with gas recoil autos I learned to prefer those. I think they are faster, and I think they bead up alot faster than an A-5, they are also lighter.


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      Jason, if I'm not hunting in saltwater I always use my 16ga A5. I've trippeled on canadas, snows and ducks more times that I can remember. Pick one up and swing it around. If it feels good buy it. I love mine.


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        For one thing they are asking way too much for them. Just because they are DU Anniversary guns does not make them any more valuable than an off the shelf gun. Look on the auction sites to see what they are going for and proceed from there.


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          Browning A5

          The A5 was the best in it's day.....I still have two from 50 years ago but they do not compare {IMHO} with the Beretta 391 for pheasants....lighter weight and less recoil and less money than they want for those two Urikas 391s weigh in at about 6 pounds each.....bought the fancy DU model from a winner for $600.....

          My favorite load for pheasants is the Fiochi 12HVN4....12 ga, High Velocity Nickel [plated lead] #4.....5 and 6 are available....I find the nickel plated shot kills far better as it penetrates deeper without dragging feathers into the wound.....


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            You wouldn't want to sell one of those A391's by chance?


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