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  • Eastern NC giving a Shout Out!

    Hey guys how is it? In alaska i mean, i never been over there but have always dreamed of going to our final frontier left here and watch the beautiful caribou and such. Oh man, i wanna go on a bush plane fishing/hunting trip that will not cost me an arm and a leg. You know I need both to successfully hunt and such.

    I was also wondering how the duck hunting was over there in Alaska. I hear there are certainly wintering holes on refuges. However I am speaking of the hunting in itself, do you usually see large numbers of birds when you go and such? IF so what do you call large numbers, it has to be way better than it is here in NC at times dependent of course upon where one goes. I might see just a handful of ducks and I mean a handful, like 2-3.

    Then I have been to some honey holes in the past in some flooded timber swamps and seen over 300-400 wood ducks, teal and mallards, It was unbelievable, but I believed it when I was standing in breast deep water and ducks were almost landing on my gun barrel. TAlk about burning a gun barrel down, wow.

    Anyway, enough of my ramblin. Take care. oh by the way I make custom made duck and turkey pot calls. The turkey calls probably will not be very helpful but I will certainly make a custom duck call for you, typically i just always have several styles made for sale and sale them in local retail stores and online.

    TAke care,
    Chris Harrell
    Eastern North Carolina


    Quacky Calls
    Custom Duck and Turkey Pot Calls
    Eastern NC

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    Alaska Waterfowl?

    PM me back
    Forgive me for being arrogant. I own 2 Drahthaar's.
    Tundramoor Drahthaar Kennel. Training Versatile Dogs because we hunt it all.
    Memeber of the Alaska Warterfowl Association.


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