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need some PM's on hunting success

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  • need some PM's on hunting success

    well let me re phrase that. would appreciate a hollar when you guys think birds are moving in and out of your area. I live over here in sterling and hunt kenai and a few other places but haven't hunted yet because it's been so warm and from what I have heard, the hunting has been dismal; but that could change right now while i'm being stupid on my pc rather than out hunting. At least the dog would feel good about that! i don't hunt anchorage or north of it. I don't know a lot of people over here and would appreciate anyone sending me a IM ever so often when you think you see new birds or know of some that have moved out. Of course I'll check this board too. I'll be paying attention to the weather and all. I have seen some ducks. they were all on the side of the hwy that we're not allowed to hunt. I'm sure if it were colder, we would be having better shooting. It should be picking up here any day. gonna hunt fri no matter what. cold front and wind coming in.

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